Fringe 5/13/10 season finale part 1

So I didn’t see a thread for this yet and figured I’d start one. I liked the episode. I like to see them having fun with putting our actors into different roles (part of why I liked the musical episode)…

What a showcase for John Noble! Not liking Peter being such a dummy, or Olivia’s redshirt friends being killed off right away. but I love the series, and am curious as to where the next episode and next season will go.

So do you think that Walternate telling people that our guys are evil is something he truly believes based on Walter taking Peter, or is he just stirring shit to get the people to do what he wants them to?

Also, what was up with everyone laughing when that one guy called Olivia “Olive”? That was just sort of surreal…

I thought that guy with the “2” scar on his left temple had the ability to control people’s thoughts and feelings, so they were showing off his power with that uncontrolled laughter bit. Didn’t they ask him to get rid of the alternates at the theatre when they were hiding out once they crossed over and he said he couldn’t like his powers were gone?

Yep. Looked to me like they lost control of their cortexiphan powers when they crossed over. I wonder what that means for them crossing back.

And I like that except for Walternate (and the shapeshifters working for him), the other universe isn’t an “evil” universe. Other Olivia seemed to have pretty much the same personality.

Also, I wonder what that “quarantine” device is supposed to do. Was it just a bomb or what?

I liked MLK on the $20 :cool:.
There was a bill board for “West Wing” in the Alterniverse with what looked like Obama on it. :confused: Anybody else notice that?

The sick cortexiphan woman smoked that agent - pretty intense. Where did she go?

I was just going to mention that. In the episode where Olivia meets Bell, she sees an article which shows that Obamanate :smiley: is president. But in this episode he’s part of the West Wing. So are they saying that he wasn’t really elected president after all?

When I first saw the redshirts, I was afraid that the show was introducing some kind of Justice League of Fringetonia, so I was happy to see them bite the dust.

Given the agent’s lack of recognition of Andrew Jackson, I wonder if Jackson was never president on that world, or was simply not an interesting enough president to be placed on money.

Being a bit of a lover of maps, I am digging the subtle differences between their United States and ours. It appears – big ups to my DVR, by the way – that everything’s pretty much the same east of the Mississippi, with the exception that Michigan has no Upper Peninsula. But the two Dakotas are fused into one, Kansas and Oklahoma are stuck together, and Texas is divided into a northern and southern portion. Oh, and California appears to be gone (or Mexican). Anything else I missed?

Great observation and well put.

It really was - he was magnificent as the Secretary, and lovely as Walter Prime.

The leader of the alternate universe fringe team – the one who ended up burnt to a crisp at the end – were we supposed to know who he was from the regular universe? Walternate mentioned his dad being (I think) a good jurist, and I think I caught his name as “Lee” – but other than that I got nothing.

Also, right before he got fireballed, it seemed to me like he recognized the two redshirts. Did anyone else get that?

Did anyone else think the boyfriend at the end was supposed to be Mark Valley?

I totally thought it was going to be him. I’ll bet they wanted it to be and he was too busy shooting Human Target…

He recognized the guy with the 2 scar. I don’t think he recognized the girl.

Slight hijack, but still about Fringe.

First, I tried looking up Newton because I have a question to ask, and I found out that (I’m sure most of you already knew this) the name (Thomas Jerome Newton) is a character from “The Man who Fell to Earth” and was played by David Bowie.

Now to the question. Is Newton himself a shape shifter? I don’t think he is, but then again, I’m not quiet sure.

Also, another question while I think about it. In “The Man From the Other Side” Newton starts the transfer and we see, who we all know now is Walternate, walking across the bridge. But Peter uses Walter’s device and shuts it down and we the bridge, and Walternate on it, disappear again, so how did Walternate make it across? I thought that Peter stopped the transfer from completing.

Wow, my thread killing power has raised its ugly head again :eek:.

I think we have to wait for this week’s ep to get the answers to Nobody’s questions.

But I was asking questions about previous episodes.

Not necessarily. I couldn’t answer because my TV comprehension is about 100 points less than my IQ. I might as well record every show I watch, and review two or three times before I feel capable of commenting.

Heh:D My thought while watching was along those lines “Wow, her superfriends weren’t so super, were they?”