frogs? from the sky???

i swear i searched the archives of the columns and the message boards, but i didnt find anything-

can frogs really fall from the sky like rain? i vaguely remember reading in a national geographic kids book that it sometimes rains fish, but i dont remember the why or how-
can anyone help?

(not so)smarty :slight_smile:

I think the search engine is down again (Question for Cecil: does the Straight Dope search engine really exist, or is it just a cleverly maintained fiction, like the CLOSE DOOR button on an elevator?), but I feel fairly certain Cecil has addressed this at some point.

IIRC, it has been known to happen (though not of course on the massive scale shown in some recent Hollywood productions, which I will not name for fear of spoiling a surprise for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet), and the explanation given has been that a tornado or something has lifted the entire contents of a pond and redeposited it elsewhere, with the water of course coming down like rain and the frogs coming down like, well, frogs.

Go to and have a look around. Falls of frogs, fish, and other creatures happen fairly regularly, usually as a result of a passing tornado. In fact, this is a good website for finding out about all kinds of strange occurances that don’t usually get reported elsewhere.

thanks guys!


Q. What’s worse than raining cats and dogs?

A. Hailing cabs.