How can it be raining worms?


I can imagine it raining fish (mini tornado + shoal of fish near the surface) but worms? From the ground?

when the ground becomes saturated with water the worms come to the surface. a strong wind might then pick them up.n

That sounds plausible. Still, why only worms? Why not all the other stuff lying about in a rainstorm? Why wouldn’t it rain leaves, twigs and garbage along with the worms?

frogs too.

i would guess that what can get picked up does. it dumps where its aerodynamics and nature of the wind dictate.

There are a bunch of reports of freak rains of various things including snakes, frogs, and nuts among others over the years in many different parts of the world. As far as I know, it is one of the few really strange phenomenon that is considered legitimate and not perfectly understood.

I recommend Charles Fort’s The Book of The Damned to anybody who wants an unscientific but in many way fascinating study into these matters. You might have to do a sanity check,* though, afterwards.