frogs legs

More specifically, what happens to the rest of the frog when the legs are taken for human consumption?

I’m sure it goes in the trash, just like when you gut other animals.

Frog legs is good eatin’!

There’s plenty of other good meat on a frog, it’s just not so easy to get as the leg meat. When I was younger, we’d fry the legs and (headless) torsos as seperate batches when the extended family had a fish fry.

On commercial frog farms, if there are such things, I would imagine that the rest of the frog goes into a compost heap, of which portions are then fed to earthworm trays, which are then fed to the frogs.

And Ivar’s right, there’s nothing that tastes quite like a mess of Kermit legs!

The wealthy ones are fitted with prosthetics, the rest have to hobble around on their stumps.

As can be seen here. :rolleyes: