From Georgia=Georgian. What are you?

I hail from Georgia, therefore I am a Georgian. Someone from California would be a Californian. So what do you call someone from Utah, or Massachusetts, or Maine? Utahian? Massachusettser? Is there a rule of thumb that goes along with what you call people from a certain place? Where are you from and what are you called? :confused: :confused: :confused:

I currently live in Wolverhampton. You can call me “Madam”.

I was born in Kent, which makes me a Maid of Kent although if I’d been born on the other side of the river I’d have been a Kentish Maid.

You two should start a band.

Londoner here.

I was a sluff, someone who lives in Slough.

I’m fron Southampton, England - you may therefore address me as ‘scummer’

I’m not living there now, but I’m from New Hampshire originally. I’d be a New Hampshirite or New Hampsherman (I prefer the second one - it sounds like a super hero).

Michigander. Born and raised.

I also will live eternally unless you cut off my head. There can, after all, be only one.

As an aside, those of us (not me) who take residence in the UP (upper peninsula) are called Yoopers. Eh?

According to my brother, residents of Massachusetts are properly called Massholes, but then he lives in New Jersey so take it with a grain of salt.

As a former New Yorker turned North Carolinian, I am also known as a Yankee, while the natives mostly go by Billy Bob or Betty Sue.

Apparently i’m an Edinburger, although i’ll stick to my longer-hand ‘I’m from Edinburgh’ if thats ok :wink:

According to my ex-military friends, I am a damn hippie.

To others, I am either a Californian (where I grew up) or a Minnesotan (state I’m currently in).

To answer your very first question, I’m a Utahn.

Oh, I’m Melvin Rose of Texas,
And my friends all call me Tex,
When I lived in old New Mexico
They called me Old New Mex.
When I lived in old Kentucky,
They called me Old Kentuck.
I was born in old Shamokin,
Which is why they call me Melvin Rose!

I am a Mississippian. I think Wiki’s pages on any particular state will have what natives are called on it.

This has been driving me nuts forever! I’m so glad you answered! How do you pronounce that?

Massachusetts = Bay Stater.

That was the best they could do.

When I was in Minneapolis they called themselves Minneapolites

When I was in Indianapolis they called themselves Indianapolans

I understand that people in Naples both Italy & Florida are called Neapolitans

Therefore, three of these four cities are populated exclusively by madmen.

I’m from Kansas, I’m a Kansan.

I’ve been to Wolverhampton. I think I’ll call you unlucky.

Okie checking in. Oklahoman if you want to be formal.

People from Maine are “Mainiacs” to the rest of the New Englanders; asking them the most common response is just “I’m from Maine” even though you can’t get there form here.