What are people from your city/town/area called?

People from/in New York are New Yorkers. People living in San Diego are San Diegans. People in Seattle, I’ve heard, are called Seattelites.
Here, in Phoenix, we’re Phoenians. …Or something to that nature. Not quite sure I spelled it right.
Anyway, what are people who are from/living in your town or city or area called?

Sydney = Sydneysiders (in Sydney)
Sydney = Arseholes (elsewhere in Australia :smiley: )

Winthrop Harborians?






Dunno. Stone Mountaineers?

N’aveners or N’avenites

Baltimoreons, but we call them Baltimorons.

In the Springs area of East Hampton, NY, the locals are called *Bonackers *(after the Indian word for the area, Accabonac), but they call themselves “Bubbies,” or “Bubs.”

Yes, yes, Bub!

Scrantonians in general, but sometimes more often referred to by what section of the city they live in. For example, I’m a South Sider.

“People who live in Brick, NJ”.

The Brickenese.

Bronxites, or, more typically, Kings (Queens) of the Universe.

Add -ites to Brooklyn and Manhattan, too, and -ers for Staten Island in the unlikely event you run into one of its 20-odd inhabitants.

Queens–I dunno. “Guys from Queens” sounds natural.




Also in the area:

Albanians (Albany)
Trojan (Troy)
Saratogians (Saratoga)

Glasgow >>> Glaswegian. No, it doesn’t make much sense to me either. :confused:

but it’s fun to say … i know a Glaswegian :smiley:

You mean you know me, or you mean you know a Glaswegian in the real world?

Are people from the State of Confusion Confegians, I wonder? :slight_smile: