Charlotteans and Minneapolitans

Someone from Charlotte is a Charlottean. (shar’ luh tee’’ uhn) Someone from Minneapolis is a Minneapolitan. (muh nee’ uh pah’’ li tuhn). What are some other interesting or unusual names that you know about for residents of various locales?

The preferred term for a Sheboygan resident is Sheboyganite, but one also sees Sheboyganian.

I always felt Sheboygander was a better term, but noone else seems to have adopted it. And since I don’t reside in the city, I don’t seem to get a vote. :mad:

I’ve always liked the British “Mancunian” and “Liverpudlian” for residents of Manchester and Liverpool, even if they may have started out as jocular Latinisms.

and then (from Love and Death) there’s Woody Allen’s “Madridniks”

Nobody ever calls people from Miami “Miamians”–maybe because so few people here are actually FROM here. We’re usually all referred to as “Floridians.” Too bad, because it’s funny to call people from Tampa “Tampons.”

(And would a visiting Brit call them “bloody Tampons”?)

Glaswegians from Glasgow.
Neapolitans from Naples.

The folk up north don’t distinguish between “Minneapolis” and “St. Paul”. To us, they’re just “Citiots” (rhymes with “idiots”).


I like to call people from this neck of the woods “Baltimorons.”

Funnily enough, some of them don’t find the term especially appealing.

In Sydney, Australia, where i’m originally from, we often call ourselves “Sydneysiders,” even though we’re in Sydney, rather than beside it.

Denizens of our chief rival to the south call themselves “Melbournians.” We have some less flattering names for them. :slight_smile:

A city to the north of Sydney is called Newcastle, and its residents are often referred to as “Novocastrians.” I lived in England for a few years, and made a few trips to the Newcastle in the north-east, but i don’t think i ever heard this term used there. The generic term for someone from that area is “Geordie.”

If there are two of them, we call them “Twin Citiots” :smiley:

My brother, who lives in Tucson, refers to people who live in Tucson as “Tucsonians”

I asked him what he calls people from Pheonix.

“Shitheads” :eek:

For those of us who live in the Twin Cities, we do distinguish between the two. **Minneapolitans **and St. Paulites are the terms I am familiar with. Interestingly, I don’t know that I have ever heard anyone from either Minneapolis or St. Paul refer to themselves as a “Twin Citian” (and certainly not as a Twin Citiot :)).

People from Plano are just plano Texans.

I have no idea what someone specifically from Bathurst would be called. What about the people from other Bathursts around the world?

West of Bathurst - “upshore” - it’s more French. There are a lot of Acadian villages and towns. So, many people from that area are proud to be known as Acadians (lots of Acadian flags). In high-school, however, people from Belledune in particular were known as “Duners”.

To the East of Bathurst - “downshore” - it’s more English. I’m pretty sure we had a name in high-school for people from “downshore”, but I can’t remember it at the moment. Oh, well. They’re from “downshore”; that’s all that matters. :wink:

Bathurst has been basically 50/50 English/French for a long time now; but I believe the French hold the minor majority. Needless to say, there’s a lot of rivalry - both friendly and otherwise - between the English and French. The hockey games between the English and French high-schools were always a spectacle. (A lot of Kermit the Frog toys met their demise at those games. :eek: )

The people of Nashville are apparently called “Nashvillians”. But I like to call them “Nashvillains”. If they hadn’t named the hockey team the Predators, maybe they could have named them the Villains. :slight_smile:


People from my hometown of LaGrange are referred to as “Grangers.” That’s also the local high school’s nickname.

Leesburg residents are referred to as Leesburgites in the local media, but I like Leesburgers myself. :smiley:

People around here are just called Lexingtonians… unless you’re trying to drive amidst them, then it’s feckless morons.

Bah. We’re Phoenicians. :cool:

Other Arizonan towns and citizens include:

Flagstaff - Flagstaffians
Mesa - Mesans (Sounds like Masons <tinfoil hat smilie>)
And Tucson - Unfortunate sods

:wink: YMMV

Shropshire locals = Salopians.