From now on, I want only good computer games produced

That’s right. Only good games. Well, great ones are fine, also. Just don’t ever make any more games that overflow with suckitude. Why can’t developers just get it right? They’ve surely played great, brilliant games. So why can’t they see what it takes to make one? Over the last month, I’ve played so many underwhelming or just plain bad titles that it sometimes makes me wonder if the suckitude factor is higher than normal.

Of course, then I also play Max Payne 2 and Tron 2.0 and think that life will once more be worth living. I check out demos for games like Vega$: Make It Big and see the reviews for Call of Duty and know that the world will once again be right.

But it’s when I play those gems of games, like Ghost Master and Neighbors From Hell (which is too short but otherwise a blast) and last year’s positively brilliant Geneforge and know that some developers just really understand what it’s like to make a fun game.

Developers, chant this mantra: Good games only. Good games only. Good games only.


I miss the classic adventure games.

Remember Sierra On-Line? Before they put out a series of really bad products in a failed attempt to compete outside their niche (which was rapidly shrinking)… they created some of the best adventures games there have ever been. Heck, they pioneered the graphic interface for PC games.

Even the old text-based games were gems of creativity and puzzle-creation. The Zork series, A Mind Forever Voyaging, Wishbringer – heck, even DungeonHack – I can’t tell you how many hours I spent on those games.

Now we’re suffocating under the endless stream of shoot-'em-ups and stupid pseudo-fantasy slaughter games.


Hear, hear. This is why I’ve been playing roguelikes, which have zero graphics, for years, and shunned the shoot-'em-ups. Gameplay ALWAYS beats graphics.

While we’re on the subject–sports games manufacturers, would it kill you to spend as much time working on realistic gameplay as you do on realistic player representations, “ball-control physics,” ad nauseum? I don’t care that you’ve represented a soccer stadium to inch-perfect reality, it’s not a good game if the average match ends 10-6. I don’t care if you’ve recreated Pebble Beach so perfectly that you can smell the ocean spray, it’s not a good game if you can shoot 14 under par for a round without breaking a sweat. Yes, EA Sports, I am looking at you.

TVAA: Hear, hear. Whatever happened to the good old adventure genre? Has everybody who liked it (and the number of adventure games produced does support the notion there must have been a target group) suddenly died and been replaced by people who want to shoot at large moving objects?

No, I do not want to equip my party for ages before I go out and scour the badlands for one bandit party after another. No, I don’t have any fun planning strategies to invade the country next door while I allocate ressources to build strange buildings.

I want my Grim Fandango and my Monkey Island 1 and 2 back (sniff, pout).

Yes, it seems that flashy-graphics have become more important than interesting and exciting story line and puzzles.

As has already been said, Sierra’s adventure games from the 80s were perhaps some of the best games around. LucasArts also made some great games (Monkey Island, Loom).

Westwood also put out a great game, Legend of Kyrandia, which, IMO, was the perfect blend of beautiful scenery and music with a fairly decent story.

Doom 3 should be good. <Crossing fingers>

Return to Castle Wolfenstien. Multiplayer.
And yeah, Half-Life 2 and Doom 3 better give me an orgazm. I’ve spent more of my fricken money lately on games that stink, that I’m ready to go Postal 2!

As much as I enjoyed the art and gameplay in the latest batch of FPShooters I’m getting a little tired of them, its time for a new genre of game.

I no longer believe the adventure genre is dead, because I’ve played at least 4 of them this year alone (maybe more; I’ve lost count). They’re coming out of Europe for the most part. What you need to do is go to The Adventure Company’s website and see the sheer number of adventure games they produce. Be sure to cross-reference those games with review scores, though, because they aren’t all good games. The last two I played were [shrugs shoulders] “eh.”

Sites like Gone Gold’s “Gold Guide” that list all of a game’s total reviews are good for quick reference.

Actually, a super quick hijack.

I’ve been playing Quake 3 and the mods for a bit.

Can anyone recommend a similar FPS with a good amount of internet servers?

I’ve heard of Halflife or Counterstrike, and Unreal tournament.

Being a hardcore Quake player I’ve always shunned them (like a SF2 player who loathes MK), but I wouldn’t mind a change of pace.

I got so excited about the thought of an orgasm, I couldn’t spell the word right.

And by the way, since I’m back. My earlier RTCW plug wasn’t meant to be bad, on the contrary, it was meant to be positive.

Game after game I’ve tried, and I’m still finding myself going back to the, now, classic.

Well, for sheer number of servers available, you certainly can’t beat Counterstrike. Both CS and UT are fun games to play, but I’m not a huge online gaming fan myself and haven’t played either in a year or two.

Counterstrike is a mod isn’t it?

If it is, what game do I need to buy?

First off someone’s good game maybe someone else’s sucky piece of trash.

Secondly why would anyone take a risk on a new potently disastrous formula when they can just crank out proven genres and cheap knock offs until everyone is sick to death of them.

Third do you honestly think that there’s enough talent out there to keep cranking out good games at a steady pace?

Fourth Deer hunter sold well…very well. A large portion of computer owners don’t know a bad game if they wasted $20 bucks on it.

And finally gaming has always been treasure among the trash and I think it will continue that way for a long long time.

IIRC, you can actually buy Counterstrike standalone now, but if you’ve never played the original Half-Life, I strongly urge you to get it, play through the single player, and then download the CS mod. (HL should be less than $10 now). I think it may all be done through Valve’s Steam program now, so you might check out and see if that gives you what you need. (I’m uninterested in Steam, so I don’t know much about it).

You know what franchise is just begging to be brought back and updated for today’s modern home computers?

Why, Leisure Suit Larry, of course! Just think of the mildly naughty madcap adventures! (in case you have no idea what I’m talking about)

Hey, if they could bring back Prince of Persia, Larry can’t be far behind. Right?

<crickets chirping>

Call of Duty looks great! It has wonderful graphics as does Max Payne 2. Especially for them that have the newer hardware to backup the newer software. The problem that gets me with these two games is, even though they are visually enticing, you’re basically following a defined route to accomplish your goal. Max Payne 2 is especially guilty here. What fun is that? It’s like going through the tunnel of horrors at the amusement park. Yeah it’s great to see all the scary shit but I’m only seeing the scary shit you lead me to see.

I’m a big FPS fan going back to the original Wolfensien, not to mention the original Doom. At this point I’m all about Battle Field 1942 and some of it’s better Mods (Desert Combat in particular). I love that it’s wide open. Pick a strategy. Pick a role. Choose your weapon. Steal the opponents weapon. Whatever. Ironically this game doesn’t use any of the fancy pixel shaders and such that are found in the new graphic heavy games.

I do believe that games can be both beatiful and thoughtful. Of course too much of both could possibly lead to total hermitism for me.

While I’m on the subject, big props to Ghost Recon, The original Comanche, Stunt GP, and the zillion other games that allowed me to squader untold hours of my life. :eek:

  1. No, I’m not talking about games that are good but uninteresting to one person or another. I mean there are certain things that just aren’t fun in a game, and yet developers continue to put those things in. I’ll try to provide examples later.

  2. True.

  3. You probably have a good point. I guess it’s like those people who think they have the talent to be pro writers (actors/singers/etc), but you’re well aware that they don’t.

  4. Ugh, yeah, I know what you mean.

  5. And that’s what I wish would stop. Some of us have to sort through this trash looking for those treasures.

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