"From the creators of the iPod - The new iMac G5" (really lame)


That’s the copy of an ad that heads apple.com. I think all of America is aware of the company Apple and their highly distinctive products. I can see if something like that was on the Sony site, where you can forget that Minidisc Walkmans, VAIO notebooks, Playstations, and Spiderman 2 (in theaters now) all come from the same corporation; but this is Apple. They only have about five continuous product lines; no one’s going to forget that they’re the ones who bring us version after version of iMacs, iPods, and G whatevers.

“From the people who brought you the Oxford English Dictionary - The Oxford German/English Dictionary 2005”

“From the creators of the Chicken McNugget - The new Double Big Mac”

Actually they’re talking about the design teams at Apple. The same team that designed the iPod also designed the new G5 to my understanding. Therefore it is quite literally “the same people”.

Not very obvious from the tagline, though.

Oops, I meant to disclaim that I thougth that might be the case, like when SEGA says “from the Sonic Team”, but then like you said, not very obvious from the tagline…

No, because practically everything from Apple is made by the same design team - headed by Jonathan Ives, they’ve made everything from the first iMac to all the G5’s and Powerbooks.

And to address the OP, companies have to do this. Especially when their greatest asset is their branding and reputation as in the case of Apple, the importance of constant bombardment on the public is necessary. Remember that the average customer is pretty stupid and has a short memory. Associating a risky new product with an established hit like the iPod reinforces a sense of desire in a potential buyer.

I assume that they’re just being cute.

Everywhere you go, you hear that the iPod is the gotta-have-it item of the, I dunno, century, or something. Everybody loves the iPod! It’s (touted as) the best designed, best made music player on the market. And, hey, you might have heard this someplace, but Apple makes computers, too! Wink, wink.

I don’t think they seriously think any consumers don’t know that Apple didn’t start off making computers and that, yes, the makers are the iPod are that Apple.

Well, at least I hope not.

Well, I don’t know…there’s just something about it that doesn’t sound right. It’s sort of like if General Motors were to introduce their latest Pontiac by saying, “From the people that brought you OnStar!”

I think the iPods are ugly, and abandoning the various decent designs they had for the iMac to make it look more like an iPod is like deciding to throw out the user interface of the software to make it look more like the ugly brushed metal QuickTime Player…

…which I think they did too… their design team needs to have a swift kick in the ass. When Mozilla hobbled together by various noname programmers looks better and is more functional than the Apple web browser you know Apple is having issues in their design department.

First of all, Apple recently split its design teams, spinning off the iPod group as a separate entity from the Macintosh group with Jonathan Ives as its head.


Presumably, the iMac was the last personal computer project to fall under that design team’s jurisdiction. Or maybe they’ll keep the iMac. Who knows.

Secondly, the intent here is clear–capitalize off of the iPod’s runaway success with some attempt at creating crossover appeal. Whether or not it works has yet to be seen. You may fault them for being blatantly obvious, but surely you can sympathize with their plight–they have one blowout overnight success (the iPod) and another product (the Macintosh) which they have been stubbornly churning out for years without making much headway in the PC market. They’re simply trying as hard as they can to conflate the two.

When it comes to the new design, well… I’ve already bought one. And I like it. The G4 iMac form factor was recieved with about the same amount of “Huh?!” so I’m confident that the new look will grow on us all. Apple’s always about 6 months ahead of the curve on their designs.

Personally I thought it was a direct play on how the form factor of the new iMac has more similarities to the iPod design than to the old iMac design. I thought it was kind of cute.

I also love how the new iMac, to my eye, has echoes of the original macintosh. Subtle, but neat. It’s all I can do not to run out and buy one.