The New iMac is announced!

As all of us Apple People know, the new iMac design has been announced in Paris. I for one like it and am also impressed by the price. In fact, it appears Apple is fairly aggressive in pricing this time.

Your thoughts?

(You Windows people can ignore this thread. It’s an Apple thing, you wouldn’t understand.)

Is this in Cafe Society on purpose? Altho Apple product releases could often be called media events, this one wasn’t even webcasted.

The lame video card is disapointing but not unexpected, since that is what is standard in the G5 towers. (except for the high end one)

Wonder why they didnt have an extrenal power supply – would have helped with cooling (and therefor noise)

Pretty much what was rumored design-wise (one vertical unit, with the new flat monitor stand). Not for me, but that doesn’t mean it is a bad design.)


I like the design. Of course, I had one of those half laptop/half desktop creepy looking compaq presario all in one dealies. It was like a really big Brother word processor.

All in all, it looks like and Apple notepad computer, with a foot attached. Of course it is an eighteen pound notepad.

The design is not as reaction-inducing as the earlier iMac designs, but I think that’s intentional – IMO, the G4 iMac was just a bit too “extreme” for some folks, and that hurt sales. You can easily stick the new iMac in a UNIX lab environment and it’d fit right in. The specs are decent, though I wish the price of the base model was $100-$200 less to draw in folks. The $1499 model would be a nice fit for me, tho I’m sorta leaning towards a laptop instead.

There’s a streaming Quicktime webcast of the presentation on Apple’s site, BTW. And now some folks are speculating an Apple Tablet within a year…