new or hurl?

Ignoring the hardware specs for this particulat thread, what are your thoughts on the new iMac “flavors”

  1. Flower Power
  2. Dalmation Blue

I’m leaning towards yuck myself…if they had gone with Beagle Tri-Color however…

      • Yawn.
  • The whole Mac obsession with how the thing looks strikes me as kinda girly. Poser-ish.
  • I’d rather hear that they went to normal-type cases and monitors (so you are free to pick from the PC assortment of components) and dropped the prices a bit. Maybe even set up their OS to allow, oh, I don’t know, maybe another OS if you want. -At least, that’s the stuff that kept me from buying one. - MC

Well I didn’t start this thread to be another OS war, but I did want to respond to your point.

They do have OS flexibility…it’s called Virtual PC (3rd party software from Connectix) allows you to run Widows and Linux…There are other software solutions out there.

And actually, you can run Linux through free Mac specific distributions as well…

OS X (due March 24th) …will allow even more flexibility in this area.

So if THAT is your reason for not liking Macs, your problem appears to be non-existent.

I’m not too fond of the new iMac patterns, but I prefer solids more than prints. :slight_smile: And despite some initial double-take reactions, I think Apple is really playing it safe – they’ve still got Indigo and Graphite to appeal to folks who want a more “traditional” look, while the new designs can only help draw in newbies (I think the reason the new iMacs were announced in Tokyo was partially to appeal to the Japanese women’s market, who tend to like kawai electronics).

Judged on their merits alone, “Dalmatian blue” isn’t half-bad, IMO. And while I’m not too fond of “Flower Power”, it could work as the centerpiece for a Hawaiian-themed computer… :slight_smile:

(And just for MC’s fun, the other day I was running GeneCyst [a Sega Genesis emulator] on Windows 98, which was running in Virtual PC on my iMac… An amusing experience, to say the least. :slight_smile: )


They’re serious too, Steve Jobs must be really desperate for sales or something.

…<<<walks away baffled…>>>

When I read about them, I thought “hurl”. After seeing pictures – well, not in my living room, but I can see that there might be a market for them. The Flower Power is actually pretty appealing in a goofy, non-conformist sort of way.

And heck, if you don’t like them, there’s always graphite.

I am the proud owner of a bad-tempered Strawbrry iMac that I would nevertheless defend to the death, but…

Flowers and doggie prints? oh, come ON, mind-numbing flourescent pink and orange weren’t bad enough???