Rampant Speculation about Tomorrow's WWDC Announcements (New Macs!)

So who else is waiting on tenterhooks, whatever those are, for tomorrow’s WWDC conference (like an ATM machine) and the announcements for a G5, or a new 15" PowerBook, or Panther or whatever? I’m really hoping to see the G5 tomorrow. There were even specs that Apple leaked onto their website on Thursday night, but word is circulating that they were put there by some disgruntled consultant or something with access to their servers. Here’s some links:

http://www.macrumors.com - Self explanatory

http://www.appleturns.com “As the Apple Turns” - a hilarious site with daily Apple news and rumor/innuendo.

So what do you expect to see tomorrow (besides Steve Jobs in blue jeans and a turtleneck holding a bottle of Evian)?


You got your wish. :slight_smile:

I can’t say I’m happy to see the brushed-metal look for the upcoming Finder for 10.3, and I don’t care for the boxy design of the G5. But mostly, I’m pleased to see the G5 out. It’s been a long time since I read anything about it, and I was wondering how far a back burner Apple put it on.




Safari outta beta.

They sold their millionth iPod today.

The iTunes Apple Store seems to be doing well. (5 million song downloads).

Pour me some kool-aid. :wink:

I’m in the process of converting to Apple. Two friends of mine have iMacs, I just purchased an iPod (they have to sync it for me since I can’t support the thing), and… well, let’s just say I’m really considering one of these G5’s.

At least the August ship date will give me time to save money…

I love the brushed metal look!

Apple always tempts me, now moreso than ever, and then hard reality sets in and I realize I’m never going to spend $1500 on a computer.

Oh my. I cannot express how excited I was when I heard the news. These are awesome machines!

I won’t be able to afford a new Mac for at least a year, though. But by then, prices will be a little lower and things will be ironed out.

Pretty cool.

Then don’t

I’m quite happy to see that Apple has not only closed the performance gap with PC’s, but actually opened up a lead. The new Power Macs are nice machines, spec-wise, they are amazing.

Of course this doesn’t affect me on my iBook directly, but it is nice to see the company do well.

As for the software updates, well, I am using Safari 1.0 now, and it is very nice. The Auto-Tab feature ROCKS. Just put a folder in the bookmarks bar, and fill it with some bookmarks. Click a check box to set it to auto tab, and upon clicking the folder, all the pages contained within it open in tabs.

Very, very slick. Can we say, “bookmark all of the individual SDMB forums and have them all open at once?”

iChat AV seems nice. They sped up the little animations within the app. Good call, it makes it feel faster.

Hmm. Maybe I can convince my parents to get me an iSight so they can see live pictures of their grandson more often.

I priced my dream machine at the Apple Store… came in just over $13,000. I wonder, if that Karen lady in New York got all that money over the internet, why shouldn’t I? Oh, yeah, I guess there’s that whole “have money in the bank for food for your infant son” thing. Hmph. :wink:

I don’t really care for the look of the new PowerMac case – sure, it’s clean, but it’s a bit too “industrial” for my tastes.

I’d be drooling over the new hardware, but there’s no chance in hell I’ll be buying any of them any time soon. Maybe if I’m lucky I can wrangle a 15" G4 Powerbook instead.

Panther looks nice, though I’m wondering when’s the planned release date. I’d get more excited about Safari 1.0 if I hand’t been using v.80 for the last few weeks already. :wink:

I saw a lot of Steve Jobs’ Keynote presentation today (thanks to broadband :wink: ) and I must say, I am pretty excited about Panther. I really want it. It sounds fabulous. Jobs demonstrated some of the new features, and yeah—I’m impressed.

I also must confess that I don’t much care for the look of the new G5s. At first, I confess, I looked at it and thought, “That’s it?” But now that I keep looking at them, there is a certain spare style to them, and they re starting to grow on me—just a little. But I prefer the design of my lovely G4 tower.

I hope to get a G5 in a year or so. By then they’ll have the kinks worked out, the prices will be down, the speed will be even more amazing! I can hardly wait!

Ok, I’ll admit it, I’m sill enthralled by my G4 Cube, 450 mhz (but it sure feels much faster, and 1.5 gig ram. That’s all I’ll need for another year or so, too. When the G5’s start showing up on Ebay, I’ll start looking at them. But I do have to say I don’t see anything really mind-blowing in Panther yet. As rjung said, I’d probably be a little more excited about Safari if I hadn’t been using the beta for a few weeks already. And to me, a browser is a means of transportation, it’s not the destination. I don’t think there’s a whole lot of difference between IE, Safari, Camino, etc.

Having said all that, I’m still a mac-freak at heart, and always will be.

According to TidBits…the new G5 has already been dubbed “The Cheese Grater” for its visual form :wink:

Yeah, when I first saw pictures of the new G5, I wasn’t sure. But, like most Macs, it is probably a lot more impressive in person. I like the mesh panel on the front that lets you see the innards, but is more subtle than a whole clear window.

Of course, for me the G5 is little more than a pipe-dream. Maybe if I spill Coke all over my G4 at work…

Better not.

I too, am thrilled about just about everything announced and demo’d yesterday. I think the most significant reality is Apple’s contracting with IBM to develop the G5 chip. IBM will provided gads more talent and resources to the work than Motorola ever did.

I’m still excited about the G5! At one of my other message boards (a Mac board) the buzz is incredibly intense. Of course, there are some militant Mac-haters that frequent this board, and are trying to poo-poo this newest Mac development. Well, phooey on them! They are just in denial.