From the Huffington Post - 14 of the World's Most Beautiful Theatres.

Not much to add - here’s the link to a brief article and some photos.

And I, too, love the sadly underused Wintergarden Theatre in Toronto.

That’s a great list. Some of the pictures are stunning, but others leave you wondering why they were on the list, if you didn’t know anything else about them. I would like to see a series of pictures of each one, inside and out.

I think my favorite, just based on the pictures, is the one in Barcelona. That ceiling, wow!

I think they only chose the Chicago Theater because it has a cool sign. I go to the Gene Siskel Film Center, which is right across the street, several times a week. You always have to sidestep people who are taking pictures of the sign. It’s funny, I’ve lived in Chicago over 20 years and I’ve only ever been in there twice that I can think of. Once for Sarah McLachlan, and once for Loreena McKennitt.

Make that 4. I was fixing dinner, wracking my brain trying to think of other times I might have been there, and remembered that in the early '90’s I saw k.d. lang there, and in 1999, I saw the Opening Night film of the Chicago International Film Festival there. It was Mansfield Park. I got in free because I had worked on the Program Guide.

A lot of good things go on there, but it’s usually too rich for my blood so I never pay attention. It is a beautiful theater inside though. I will never get to go to any of those other theaters, so pictures are better than nothing.

They left out the immaculate theatre at Roosevelt University in Chicago. It’s the finest I’ve ever seen. What do they call it again? Auditorium Theatre?

And Penn & Teller.

I’ve seen *Phantom of the Opera *there, and I don’t even live in Chicago.