From The Pwincess Pwecious to The Terrible Tempered Miss Bang

Having moved from one end of the office to the other, I am no longer pwagued by the Pwincess Pwecious and her endless baby pwattle.

But . . . We have recently hired a new editor, The Terrible Tempered Miss Bang. She may be a “pet” of the new boss, so we have to tread carefully. Very carefully. The T.T. Miss B. is very nice and sweet and social when you run into her in the hallway: “Nice sweater!” “Hi, how are you doing today?”

But when you give her any work to do: “Why the hell are you giving me this?!” “I hate these goddam fashion articles!” “Why the hell don’t you take care of this, I don’t want to waste my time!” “Oh, Christ, you have to stand here and watch me edit it, as punishment” (I am not making that last one up, either).

Ummm, because it’s your job to edit those articles? It’s gotten to the point where I wait till she’s away from her desk, drop the article on it and run like hell. I’m beginning to miss the Pwincess . . .

What happened to the Fashion Harpy?

Eve- you’re just a howwible howwible meanie.
Asking her to do her job-what’s next?
An actual work ethic?
Will your demands never end?

So I get the TT but where is does the Bang come from?

Is that her imagined end?

I think it’s from this cartoon

Eve, would you be so kind as to email me? I’ll be in New York next week and would love to meet you if you’re available (or I’ll have to go to the Algonquin by myself :frowning: )

Reply duly Sent.

Yes, the name is from the old "Toonerville Trolley’ comic: this dame is the offspring of The Terrible-Tempered Mr. Bang and The Powerful Katrinka. Everyone dreads handing her an article, but she outranks us and is a Favorite of the New Regime’s.

off topic, but this weekend I spent time with a friend who does the MAJOR baby talk to her new doggie woggie. She was holding him in the air and making him “talk” to me, and I started pretending I was the dog and crying out a muffled “Help me…please help me…she’s fucking crazy!” She was not amused, but I laughed myself sick and thought about Pwincess Pwecious.

I do still Her Maj in the office kitchen from time to time and say “hewwo.”

But the Terrible Tempered Miss Bang? Things are dicey at work–ordinarily I’d tell her where to get off (I mean, you know me). But we have a new boss and Miss B. is one of the new boss’ Favorites. I have to hold onto this job for three years while I get my master’s!

So I smile at her in the hall and tell her how much I love her earrings, and when I have an article to leave on her desk, I do a “drop and run.”

I still see her Maj in the kitchen; I don’t do her in the kitchen. Goodness Gwacious–she’s not a wesbian!

Sad thing is, this was a pretty friendly, feud-free office before Miss Bang showed up.

Dang. I thought I’d be the first with the Toonerville Trolley reference. I loved 'em all–Mickey, the Skipper, all the Wortles including little Woo Woo Wortle, the most spoiled baby in the world, Eddie, Aunt Sophrony…

It sucks to have somebody in the office like that. And if people like you and me put on that attitude for one sec, we’d be out of a job just like that. But some people sail through life that way.