Front/Information Desk

Is anyone currently working at a Front/Information Desk or has in the past?

What are some plusses and minuses of this job?

The pluses depend on who you work for - how large the company is, how formal, how much foot traffic you get, etc.

The minuses are:

  1. You usually have to dress more nicely than the pay for the job allows - you are the first person customers see, so you may have to dress better than others who work there in the back offices. Yet you’ll typically make less (sometimes a lot less, depending on the business).

  2. If it’s a small business or one that doesn’t get much foot traffic, it can be deadly boring - doubly so if the company doesn’t want you reading or doing anything that might make it look like you aren’t ready to greet visitors.

  3. It’s hard to get a chance to go to the bathroom! And if you also answer the phone, you will usually have take lunch in shifts with whoever is assigned to cover you while you are away from your desk.

Also, when you are new it’s always interesting to be the person others come to for information - when you are still too new to know a lot of it as it pertains to that company.