Frozen bananas....with the skin.

And why not, I say ? Not to eat on this blisteringly hot day. Not skinned. Skinned, frozen banana is like candy to me. But I had a hankering for a smoothie. Why skin them? Is there something bad about the skins? I’ve never eaten a banana skin.

Just made the smoothie. Ice, frozen banana, frozen pineapple chunks, some water. Just lowered my body temp, made my tummy happy.

How gross is it to have eaten the skin? I’m not sure.

I know that when you leave an unpeeled banana outside when it’s 25 below zero, you can drive a nail with it. Might give most blenders pause unless you sliced it thin. However, your experience indicates this might be that much of a problem. I’d be more concerned with the skin having more of that under-ripe banana papery aftertaste, but again, good on you for taking a hit for the team!

My worry exactly, but these were pretty ripe. I didn’t have that gagging green banana sensation.

Wonder if it’s higher in fiber this way ?

I might worry about pesticides, if I were someone who worried about stuff like that.

That surprises me. I’ve always found banana peels to be fairly astringent. Maybe freezing changes that.:confused:

I’m a big fan of frozen oranges. Peel and all. But banana peel? I’m not so sure.

Blech on the banana peel. You never know who’s touched it!

Perhaps a monkey that will eat your face off! :frowning:

Couldn’t you just wash it? Or maybe soak it, if the skin is too absorbent?

Good point. I could wash them quickly with soap…

Or, just peel the bananas and throw them in a ziploc bag before you freeze them – that’s what I do when I’m not in the mood to make banana bread.

Normally what I do. These wound up in the freezer, I figured id explore if it was wise or not.