Frozen Scolder

I have alot of pain in my left scolder & arm .Its been 6 months and i found out that i have Frozen Scolder from Dietetics .Any one heard of this ?-I was told Heat & Ice are all that works !:mad:

Excuse me, but do you mean frozen shoulder?

Excuse me, but do you mean from diabetes?

I had a frozen shoulder earlier this year. The symptoms were - restricted motion, steady low level pain, occasional sharp pain for no reason, and frightening pain when moving fast or accidently going beyond the restricted motion. I saw an orthopedic specialist, who gave me a cortisone shot and prescribed physical therapy. After 3 months or so of PT, it’s back to 95-98% normal. So there’s definitely more treatment available than heat & ice. I’d strongly recommend seeing a orthopedic specialist.

I also had frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis), and was prescribed physical therapy (and possibly a cortisone shot at the beginning, I don’t remember). At the physical therapy, at the end of every session they used (I think it was) ultrasound to loosen things up, but in my uneducated opinion (being merely the occupant of the body in question) it was the physical manipulation, therapy and exercises at home that did the trick. It took three months at two sessions per week, but I am now back to 100% of where I was before.

I believe it is also true that there can be a wide range of severity of this condition, from mild to severe, and that treatment could depend on that severity, which is why they have specialized doctors, to tell you those things.

So I strongly concur with muldoonthief, see an orthopedist if there is one available. If not, seek a second opinion from another doctor.

Hmm three months is a very fast recovery. My bet is it wasn’t a true frozen shoulder. They often last a couple of years and often doesn’t respond that well to treatment as far as regaining movement goes.

Eta: but I agree physical therapy is the way to go

My doctor said it was classic frozen shoulder, but that I did have a quick recovery. FWIW.

You were lucky. My mother and her brother have both had both of their shoulders freeze. In all of those cases PT didn’t restore an acceptable range of motion and the shoulders all had to be manipulated. Which means they were put under general anesthesia and the shoulders were forcibly un-frozen. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek.