Any experience with Hydroplasty (hydrodilation) for a frozen shoulder?

I know, I know, you are not a doctor. Well, some of you are, but I’m not going to hold you to it!

Anyhow, after 9 months of Physical Therapy, X-rays, MRI and two visits to a top ortho guy, it has been determined that my slight rotator cuff tear developed into a pretty hefty frozen shoulder. I seem to be out of the “freezing” stage (constant pain and many sleepless nights) and am in the “frozen” stage. Since PT is not increasing my Range of Motion at all, everybody (including me) seems to be of the agreement that the best option is Hydroplasty.

Now, the way the surgeon described it to me, they inject my shoulder with saline and some pain killers and steroids, and while it is still all squooshy and saturated, they whisk me to PT, where they proceed to mangle my shoulder into submission. That is all well and good - I’ve had some numbing agents in there.

The question of the day is…

How bad is it going to be when the feeling returns? They will want me back doing their PT every day for a week, and it sounds like it is crucial that I comply. I’m trying to figure out scheduling - is this going to be a “in enough pain that I can’t think” week, a “it is OK as long as I don’t move too much” week, or a “do it first thing in the morning, so hopefully the pain is less and I can sleep some” week?

I googled the heck out of it, and there is no info from the patients point of view that I can find - any Dopers know of anyone who has had it done?

Any progress with your FS…did you go ahead with the hydroplasty. I’m in the beginning stages of FS…not fun!

erik f