My rotor cuff hates snow

About 12 years ago or so, stocking feet met hardwood stairs and I did a tumble and yanked up my rotor cuff (shoulder). Six weeks of physical therapy and it was usable again and for the most part, has been fine. Until Mother Nature decided to dump several feet of snow on my driveway and sidewalks.

Now I’ll be looking at about four weeks of physical therapy again, just so I can wash my hair and get dressed every morning without whimpering like a little girl. (No offense to little girls. I used to be one at one point.)

Keep your fingers crossed that physical therapy works and fast, since gardening and kayaking season is coming up eventually, and I’ll need a useable rotor cuff for both.

Anyone else whimpering as a result of winter’s wrath?

2 surgically repaired knees. Twice on the left one. They both give me hell in the winter. Tylenol and Ben Gay keep me moving.

If you’re going to abbreviate “rotator cuff”, the accepted abbreviation is “tater cuff”. Not “rotor cuff”.

Now, go ask your doc for a steroid injection into the joint.

Mmmmm, taters!

Why did the snow cause you to have to undergo more PT? Shoveling? :confused:


Rotator cuff.

Yes, it was from shoveling snow. LOTS of snow. Repeatedly.

You’re lucky it’s just one joint. My whole body hates that stuff.

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