Frozen soap

So one of my employees left a pallet of laundry, dish, and hand soap in the truck last night. Brutally cold, and the entire pallet froze hard as a rock.

How screwed am I?
Will the soap be fine once it thaws?

Not exactly fine. Most liquid soaps are a mixture of various soaps, perfumes, cleaners etc which are well emulsified. When frozen and thawed, I suspect the components will separate.

I once left a jug of laundry detergent in a just-above-freezing garage and when warmed up, it had separated into a gloppy mess. No amount of shaking on my part seemed to get things remixed.

Mix thoroughly before use.

Yeah the suspension is hard to achieve by hand… but you have to ask yourself, does it blend ?

Pour it out to a blender, blend it, pour it back into the bottle.
Won’t take long…

I guess that would make a suitable punishment for the miscreant :slight_smile:

Did you check whether any bottles burst? That could be “fun” to clean up.

Maybe MrDeals can rent time on a paint mixng machine at Home Depot…

And here I was expecting bars of soap with Elsa on the wrapper…

Yes, they will.

My employer sells many things, among them soap. Every so often a soap shipment freezes in transit during the winter.

Typically, you get stuff settling out as a sort of sediment and clouding of the remaining liquid portion of the product.

We sell those, too.