Fruit of the Bomb.

Did you guys see yesterday on TV Palestinian guy wearing underwear full of dynamite? That is the latest model of underwear “Fruit of the booom”
PS. enterprising little buggers those suiciders are.

… and this is supposed to be funny? :confused:

Zev Steinhardt

Is that you?

It’s not MPFSIMS, it’s just MPSIMS. So, mundane and pointless it is.

Yeah, but a pun like “fruit of the bomb” is clearly intended to be a joke.

Because you know, guys stuffing explosives down their pants so they can blow up busloads of schoolchildren is a kneeslapper.

Don’t loose your marbles, I’m just joking OK?

Gatopescado Please tell me you’re joking. Yoda’s speech patterns were deliberately based on Jewish speech patterns.

Speaking of which. Zev I could use your help in this thread on interfaith marriage

So it would appear that our friend nonpolar has jumped the shark.

Looks like it ate him.

“loose your marbles”?

I’d previously purposely stayed out of nonpolar threads. Now that he’s banned I’m mildly curious and feel like a fire marshall investigating what caused some unfortunate conflagration.

I think gatopescado was referring to the last line in the OP.

I sit corrected.

Whoa. He’s…gone.
Was the banning for this thread or for his unwarranted attack in EddyTeddyFreddy’s recent horse thread?

Dunno. But one would think that when one has been warned about making inappropriate posts, one might think twice about making posts that could be considered inappropriate.

In nonpolar’s case, I guess one would be wrong.

Responded. Posted long story. Bored everyone to tears.

Zev Steinhardt