FTL: "Do you slay the Unaligned Ant?"

FTL, aka Space Oregon Trail, is a roguelike on sale through steam for about 8 bucks. Visually, the game is really simple, but quite addicting. What makes the game so fun is the randomness. While that randomness can be really frustrating sometimes, it can be really enjoyable when you get some dumb luck.

I’ve lost count how many times my ship has been destroyed, sent crewmembers to their doom in search of phat lewts, unsucessfully tried to suck enemy boarders out the airlock, and engaged in heroic last stands against impossible odds. It is a fun game, one that doesnt rely on inhuman reflexes or overpriced video cards. I only wish there was a mobile version!

One of the few games I can beat and immediately relaunch to try it again.

You can also get it from GOG and directly from the creators (there’s a holiday sale there too, $7.49); there was a thread on it a few months ago.