Fuck Amazon.com (Kindle related)

So I got a Kindle in July. It was a gift (I never would have spent that much for it). I’ve liked it fine, because I’m a cheapskate I have been discovering a lot of out-of-copyright classics that can be had for 99 cents.

Anyhoo, yesterday the battery ran out. All of a sudden, between lunch when the battery was at about 50% when I turned it off, to totally nothing when I tried to read on the way home.

So I plug it in when I get home. This morning, still nothing. The battery is now completely dead. So I go online to see how long it will take to get a new one.

At least 5 weeks!:eek::eek::mad::mad::mad:

Because they are out of stock and won’t be in stock until at least December 1. Because, I guess, the damn things are made in China. As is the Kindle itself (assembled there, at least).

I start reading the comments. Apparently these things typically only last 3 months, and many commenters who sounded like they understand such things said that Amazon should check into the quality of these batteries. And that Amazon has known about these problems for a long time and done nothing about them. A lot of 1-star ratings.

The bottom line:

If you own a Kindle, be very careful about preserving your battery (don’t wait for it to run down before re-charging, etc.; other tips are in your Kindle guidebook). Prolly better order your batteries from Amazon now to get in line early (good god, I just realized they are probably stocking up for the holiday season. Oy).

As for me, I ordered a battery on EBay. From England. It will take at least a week to get here. Better than 5 weeks. And I’m only paying about $5 more than Amazon. I’ll also be buying a couple of backups from Amazon, for when I need them in March and June next year.

It’s not bad enough that you have to buy all your books from Amazon (if there’s another way I don’t know about it). That they have these weird-ass batteries that you can’t find anywhere else, and they can’t even keep them in stock, is beyond foul.

If you don’t already have a Kindle, don’t buy one!

I’ll bear in mind what you’ve said.

However. . .

I’ve had my kindle for six months and haven’t experienced any battery problems.

Also, there are web sites besides Amazon where you can obtain books for the Amazon. Not new releases, however, and you can’t get them wirelessly. (You download them to a computer and then use the included cable to get them over to the Kindle).

One such site is Manybooks.


Thank you, I don’t mind downloading to my PC if it will give me more choices.

Re: your battery, I think you’re one of the lucky ones. Quality is, I guess, very variable.

Another site is webscription. And Baen has Baen Free Library. It links you through to webscriptions to actually download the free books, it’s just easier to see which are free from the Baen site.

OK, the more I read about Kindle, the more I wanna stick with dead trees.

15 more years to get it right.

Feedbooks has an excellent interface that does include wireless Kindle delivery, and many other sites will download a file to the Kindle if you click a supported link in the kindle browser. I’ve downloaded Gutenberg files this way away from my PC.

I have a Sony e-book reader, and it’s pretty kewl. Of course, they’re already on their second generation; Kindle is still version 1.0.