FUCK damn fuck

I registered, and typed a long new thread that took quite a while…

I had to be logged in to even type the message of course, but during the compose it seems the website logged me out and the message seem irretrievable.

So very very annoying as a first intro to this forum.

Is this a rant?

Don’t ya just hate it when that happens? I often have problems with the computer too, so when I get anything of length typed it seems a good idea to highlight it and hit Ctrl C to save it temporarily. Then at least you have that much (that you can retrieve by hitting Ctrl V with the cursor where you want to print it this time) in case you want it again when it’s disappeared.

many of my posts go poof

and then there is the ‘request time-out’

Too late to save that, but get the Lazarus plugin for Firefox to prevent future mishaps. There may be a version for other browsers.

I hate it when that happens. And since I write pretty slowly (I’m a fast typist, but slow at composing) it can mean an hour or more of work vanished into the ether. Usually, if writing anything lengthy I write in notepad, then copy-and-past into the message field.

Thanks for the tip, yep Lazarus form recovery extension for chrome now installed.

The Twitter home page now collapses tweets if you click any blank spot on the page. As I write a tweet out, it will automatically bring up dropdowns with recommended hashtags and usernames that cover the “submit” button, so to remove that I click on the page to regain focus… and it collapses the tweet and I lose it.

Now, arguably, 140 characters is no big deal to rewrite, but sometimes it is carefully crafted to fit within the limit, taking several minutes to get it as pithy and informative as I can get it, so having to do that over really sucks.

Mythoughts, I hope you don’t get discouraged and leave without actually interacting here.
This is a really great message board filled with thoughtful and insightful people.
Of course, it also has its duds and crass folks, but them’s the breaks.

Have fun, good luck and glad you chose the SDMB.
Welcome aboard.

Welcome aboard, mythoughts. Things aren’t screwy here too often, but often enough that I control A control C most of my posts before posting them - inevitably, it will be a long, complicated one that gets eaten by the Gods of Dropped Network Connections if I haven’t copied them first.

It’s easy to work around this issue. Just open MS Word, type up your message, proofread it,
spellcheck it, take as much time as you need. Next, log into the Straightdope website, then copy and paste.
If you don’t have MS Word on your computer, you can use Notepad instead.

Welcome to the 'Dope!