Is it possible to recover a lost post?

I just typed up a lengthy reply to Bear Nenno’s “Help me plan my next road trip” thread in IMHO. When I tried to post the reply, I got a message that I needed to log in again. When I tried to do that, I got this message:

When I hit the Back button, my reply was gone! Is there any way to retrieve it? I opened a new window to start this thread. I still have the other window open.

Please help! I don’t want to type that whole thing again! AAARRGH!

Probably not, which is why it’s better to type a longish reply in a text editor and save it.

Or, at the very least, highlight the whole thing and very, very carefully right click and hit copy (or Ctrl-C). Very carefully because while the entire thing is highlighted, hitting almost any other button will delete everything. That’s what I do when the board is acting wonky.

Thanks guys.


I usually don’t write long posts so it’s not normally a problem for me.


ctrl-z is undo

select this text. press any key and its wiped out. press ctrl-z like magic it returns.

But, ctrl-z only works if you do it immediately after your mistake.

It’s too late now, but if you use Firefox, Lazarusis an option to prevent this in the future.

I read the description at the link. Sounds like it saves the input to a third, unknown site on the web.

Yeah, control-a, control-c, I’ve learned from my years here.