Fuck Fox.

Yeah, I know, it’s been done. But I just got through watching the first part of “Serenity,” the Firefly pilot, on SciFi. I have the DVDs, but broadcast is different. There is the knowledge that you are sharing the experience with others around the planet at the same time. “Serenity”…the pilot that was* supposed* to be shown first. The intro to the series we were all denied. And then they killed it.
I don’t know exactly what level of Hell is reserved for whoever killed** Firefly**. But I do know I want to piss on his grave someday.

Can’t stop the signal…

I’m a pretty big SciFi fan, and I tried to watch that series a few times. I thought it was mediocre at best. No sympathy from me on this one. Sorry…

Silenus – that seems a bit overblown. Obviously, Fox made a stupid decision, and killed a good show. But Hell? Seems a bit much; I mean, they’re bad, but they’re not Dick Cheney.

Besides, we ranted on this when it actually happened. It was all over Cafe and the Pit. (I’m still bitter about it.)

I think you may have missed the flame window by a couple of years.

No…I saw it then and flamed them then as well. But Firefly is now on SciFi, and it was appropriate to flame Fox again. A good grudge is one that is nurtured, over time, into a full-fledged obsession. :smiley:

I must say that I sympathize with the OP. I’ve never understood why no one will step up and fund the programming that I like best.

When I first heard of this, I said to myself, wow, the pilot must be awful. Then I saw the first twenty minutes of the original pilot and said o my self “!@#$%^&*()_+?><” FOX>

I haven’t seen a single episode, so I don’t really care either way, but why would a network show the episodes out of order? Was there anything to gain, or was it just pure incompetence?

What they did, AKAICT, is decide not to show the original pilot because it was a. too long (two hours) and b. too expositional. They wanted to jump right in without any explanation. This required the writers to go back and write a brand new pilot in one weekend. The result is the (now) second episode, “The Train Job”, which is okay, if one of the weaker episode (imho).

After the show was already slated for cancellation, they showed the pilot in two parts as the last broadcasts. There were also three additional episodes that never aired.

There’s always the option of the fans themselves ponying up the dough. Fans of Star Trek: Enterprise raised millions to save the series. It wasn’t enough, but perhaps it will set an example for a fan effort that will suceed.

The problem for Firefly was that it never had a chance to find its fans. Fox never gave it a regular timeslot and barely promoted it. I think they wanted it to fail.

I think that it found more fans after it was released on DVD then when it was airing…

Yeah, they showed the eps out of order, they did about two (just two, mind you) whole summer lead in promos for it, never promo’d it during other hit shows, and didn’t they also switch day and time on it?

FOX/TV never wanted it to succeed, apparantly. FTR, virtually all the Trek Dopers were huge fans of Fierfly and I actually wrote FOX/TV several times about the problem (as did many others) when it was still on the air.

Firefly is single-handedly one of the best shows ever. I’ve watched all of the episodes on DVD. I never saw it on Fox because they were putting it on Friday nights or something, and of course they hardly promoted the show. They just said, “Hey, the Buffy guy did this,” and I kind of dismissed it, as I was not a huge fan of Buffy, and couldn’t imagine that Joss Whedon could make good sci-fi.

Of course, then I was proved so very very wrong. At least they’ll have a movie coming out in the fall though. Serenity looks really good.

Too bad they probably won’t include that really hokey intro music that they used for Firefly. That guitar and the guy singing was so hypnotic, even though the song itself was kind of dumb. I’d just replace the words and sing along, saying random stuff, and it fit.

DAMN IT! I meant to watch it this Friday, but forgot! Does anyone know if it will rerun before the next one airs? (Which I assume is also Friday at 9?)

Friday at 7pm, actually. The SciFi Friday lineup is Firefly, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, and Battlestar Galactica.

A good grudge is a wonderful thing to harbor.

Much like a fine wine, it gets better with age.

I inherited a few grudges (both GM and Hoover Vacuum cleaners)

I have a few of my own (FOX TV and Pepsi over discontinuing Josta)

Let it simmer my friend and preach it on the street corner!
(preferably in dirty baggy clothes and make sure you have a cup in hand)

Can we throw cats at people as well? I could really get behind that.

Re: Fox. What is their deal with taking good shows and then doing all that they can to kill them? I really don’t get it, but it seems to be a pattern with them.

OK, Serinity Part 1 will rerun at 6:00 PM on Friday, followed by, of cour,se Serinity Part 2. Good good. Now I just have to remember to watch it this time…


Heh. I was about to pit FOX today for the anti-gay “warning” they stuck in right before tonight’s The Simpsons gay marriage episode, but got caught up in something else.

Parental discretion is advised my ass. Fuckwitted homophobes. :mad:



mmmm… fuckfoxghhhhaaaaaarrrrr