Fuck! My boyfriend finally got me sick

He’s been sick for almost a month now, can you credit it? A month! He was almost getting better when he went off to Cali, and his brother gave the “upper respiratory infection” to him all over again. I managed to dodge it the first time, but this morning I woke up with a cold, sore throat, and runny nose.

Fuuuuuuuck! Four years, people! Four years with nothing worse than allergies!

Ok, I just needed to vent. To be honest, he’s gone six years so his record was even better.

I don’t recall where in CA your boy went, but if he’s been in the SF Bay Area, start taking your vitamins now. A trip to the doctor wouldn’t be amiss if you’ve got insurance. There’s been a wicked, *wicked * cold going around here for months. Sleeps lots and some chicken soup wouldn’t hurt either.

Poor baby. Sounds like you need to get yourself a new boyfriend. wink wink nudge nudge

Well, thank you, tdn. If you are offering I’m pretty flattered, judging by your sense of humor alone. And you even like Indian food, as I recall.

The Devil’s Grandmother: Yes it was the Bay area. Great, just what I need, right? Well, I’ve done everything on your list except for the doctor, which I’ll hit next week. I’m at work now, but only working 1/2 a day, so I slept in this morning.

-15 here this morning, too! Brrr. Monday it’s going to be 30’s, it’s like pool-party weather.

Bay Area, huh? You know, I saw a guy who looked just like your boyfriend sharing a kleenex with a sneezing homeless guy. Then it started raining, so he took off his shirt and shoes and started jumping in puddles. “That guy’s gonna get a cold,” I thought to myself. “I sure hope he doesn’t have a girlfriend…”

Be careful! tdn also likes that ung-dly perversion upon the face of the planet, white chocolate.

At least I gave up diseased yaks.

Yaks are ok. I’ve met some very nice yaks, although I have no idea what thier disease/health issues might have been. White chocolate however, is just so, so very wrong.

I dunno…in her last porno, she was just so very, very right.
Wouldn’t you say so, Anaamika? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sorry you got the bwoos. :frowning:
Iddle get bedder, I pwomise. :wink:

Oh, really?

Because I LOVE white chocolate.

It’s my favorite kind!

That’s probably why you are sick!

(I kid, I kid, I am sure tdn and Anaamika are lovely people in spite of their … preferences. It’s possible, BTW, that da’ boyfriend got the new cold on the plane and your brother-in-law is innocent.)

You must travel to San Francisco and re-infect your boyfriend’s brother. Then the circle of life will be complete.

-neuroman, who also hasn’t been sick in six years and is crossing his fingers

Yes! I could take you out for dinner! Come to San Francisco! It’s 53°F and the sunshine is glinting off the oily puddles in the parking lot!

It was in San Francisco that I learned to love white chocolate and I haven’t been sick since.

Smile weakly at him and say “Well, so much for that blowjob.”


It’s just a way of life.

Mmm, white chocolate…

Oh, what? We were talking about being sick? I’m another one of those people who rarely gets sick, as long as getting the occasional sniffle or whatever counts. Last week I got strep though, hadn’t been around anyone that had it (that I know of) but I caught it early and quickly got some antibiotics. It was fading before I took the second pill. (Yay!)

Hope you feel better soon Anaamika!

Better still, you should travel back in time and infect your boyfriend’s brother’s father. Then it will be like you were never sick in the first place. Or born, I forget which.

snort I’m going to go say that right now.

Hey tdn, did you know that Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups come with white chocolate? Really! Also Kit-Kats.

Ha! I finally defeated the Dreaded Bay Area Cold of 2004 over a month ago.

But it was probably the longest lasting cold I’ve ever had, although not hideously severe at any point. And I went to a doctor and he didn’t do anything other than prescribe some general antihistamines and nasal spray.