Fuck! My SDMB name should've been...

Middleton Stoney.

Hippy Hollow is an inside joke; anyone from my hometown will get it. I like it, it’s pretty good, gender-, class-, and race-neutral, which is how I wanted my online persona to play out.

But today I was watching an old XTC documentary when they were recording Black Sea in Chipping Norton, near where I used to live in Oxfordshire. Chipping Norton’s got a little size to it, I imagine most UK Dopers have heard of it. Middleton Stoney was a little village just outside of RAF Upper Heyford which we traveled through every day to school. Yep, I should have been Middleton Stoney. Maybe I will change it…

Anyway, did you discover a better SDMB username after you’d come up with your brilliant nom de guerre?

I kind of wish I had used Anne Shirley, my favorite literary character.

No, but I did have to change the spelling of mine. I started out with “Snakescatlady”, which caused some Dopers to think I had issues with snake shit. So I changed the capitalization (thanks, TubaDiva!) to reflect that it was intended to represent different words.

I sort of regret running with RoninCyberpunk. I mean, I’m one of those kids who grew up on the Internet and so my cool highschool AIM name is only cool for so many years. Now I’m wishing I had gone with something different. Perhaps one day I’ll seek a name change on here, but nothing has grabbed me thus far.

I changed my name a week or two ago. Check my sig.

Nope. :slight_smile: I love my Doper name, and am “Misnomer” (or Misnomer971) just about everywhere on the 'net.

And naturally, I forgot to check the little box, as happens every time someone says to check their sig…

Okay, there was an error that time (you can only post once every 60 seconds). Now, it’s going to work.

I thought briefly of changing my name to The Embodiment of Whoops!, but I’m glad I didn’t.

Perhaps Captain Carrot should considered that for a username. :smiley:

Is this some kind of new Gaudere’s law or are you going for the Irony of the Week award?


This is the only place that I’m Kat…because it’s taken everywhere else. From time to time, I consider changing to match one of my other usernames, so people from one place could know it’s me here, but then I think, Why should I make life easy for them? :wink:

Captain Carrot’s sig, if anyone was wondering, is (according to his profile):

How do you change your Username? When I go to the User CP I can’t find any option for doing that. Otherwise I would have changed it ages ago.

Not as well known? Not as well known? He’s the bleeding biggest seller in the English language who isn’t currently a female or dead!

Not as well known…

Email Tuba and ask. That’s the only way to be sure. :smiley:

Having spent some happy hours at your namesake, Hippy Hollow, that’s a handle I might have chosen myself. :smiley:

But I like mine own. And besides, yours is obviously already taken.

I figure I should have been named the same anyway. I got my name from the Doonesbury character who is pretty naive (I was at the time)–and not the famous Hawaiian-based military hospital.

Anyway, long story short, I am Tripler, hear me post (and then some)!!

Proud of the name, proud to carry on a formerly wet-behind-the-ears tradition. (I ain’t anymore).

I like dogbutler, but cyborg platypus does have a nice ring to it.

I live 6 miles west of Chippy (as the locals know it) and have been through Middleton Stoney (the village) many times. It’s on my route to the M40 motorway. Chipping Norton can’t be that sizeable. I was talking to an American visitor in a pub there one day and he asked me where the downtown area was, to which I was forced to reply, “You’re in it.”

My next username will be Vlad The Impala.

'Round here we have the “Happy Hollow Park and Zoo,” so it makes weird sense.