Fuck Netflix! Hamlet is a Two-Disc Movie! Warning to all Netflixers!

Good News: Kenneth Branagh’s 4-hour version of Hamlet is finally out on DVD, with a beautiful transfer.

Bad News: Netflix did not know the movie is two discs, so they are only shipping out the first disc.

I contacted them, concerned that I only had half the movie, and they told me they will send Disc 2 Monday.

No problem, right? Wrong! I see they are planning to send me Disc One again! After I called again, I was told, “Netflix did not know the movie is 2 discs, so we have only purchased the first disc. We are working to fix this problem.”

What? I’ve been waiting for a long time see this again on DVD. I can’t believe they only bought the one disc and now they are attempting to get the second disc.

Oh, they will not inform me when they get the second disc, either. I just have to put it in my Queue again in the future and hope both discs will be shipped next time.

Yep, that’s their solution!



Hamlet dies at the end.

Everybody dies at the end. You can tell something is rotten in the state of Denmark because the freakin’ pile of corpses in the throne room is starting to smell…

LMAO, that had to be a bad day for someone at Netflix.

“What do you mean there are two disks?”

Did Blockbuster get it right?

If so, fuck them. Matter of fact, fuck them regardless of the situation

‘Hamlet’ is the name of his sled.

To rent or not to rent, that is the question. Apparently not a very hard one though…

Two discs or not two discs, that is the question.

Vader is Hamlet’s father

Ah, but does Hamlet’s father’s ghost look like Sebastian Shaw or like Hayden Christensen?

I once read that in a Shakespearean tragedy the stage is strewn with rushes in the first act and corpses in the fifth.

I’ve been meaning to subscribe to Netflix for some time now, primarily to catch up on all the movies and TV shows that I missed over the years, and don’t want to spend the money to buy (or at least want to preview first). One thing that bothers me is their one-disk-at-a-time policy. If I list, say, Season one of Buffy, will they send me the disks in random order, making it difficult for me to watch the episodes in order?

No, they send movies & shows in the order you have them listed, unless something isn’t available, which isn’t very often. In the few years I’ve had Netflix, I’ve only had one show arrive out of sequence, and I think that was actually the fault of the post office.

We have the plan where we can have up to 4 movies out at a time, so we usually end up with 4 discs of one show if we’re in a TV mood.

For series, you can select them as series. The disks in the series will then be shipped in order. If the next disk in the series is not available when you send the previous disk in, they will ship you the next non-series disk from the queue.

Hey… where are the spoilers, people? *Some * of us have never seen Hamlet, or his sled, or Vader’s proclamation at the final death scene.

Hamlet sees dead people, including Kyser Soze.

Yeah, Netflix sent me the colorized version of The Wizard of Oz.

Are you sure about that? I thought it was simply based on the position in the queue, so that if Season 1, Disc 1 was first in the queue and Season 1, Disc 2 second, they’d ship Disc 2 if Disc 1 were not available. I’ve been manipulating the order of my queue to make sure I see the various discs in order, so that Season 1 Disc 1 is at the top of the queue and Season 1 Disc 2 is way down towards the bottom.

Netflix just adds the series in order, but I don’t believe they do anything special to keep the queue orderly if they happen to run out completely of Disc 3 of a series (believe me, it doesn’t happen). I like to intersperse TV series DVDs with various movie DVDs just so I don’t get burnt out too fast on the series.

I also note that Netflix now has “On the DVD format, this film spans two discs; both discs will be shipped to you simultaneously.” in bold in the Hamlet entry, so take heart in knowing you made it easier for the next renter, Mahaloth. :smiley:

You mean, The Wiz?


I’ve been told that if disc 2 isn’t available they will not send disc 3; they’ll send you the next thing on your queue that isn’t that series. (I don’t know if, say, if you have season 1 and season 2 in your queue if you’ll get disc 1 of season 2 because the computer doesn’t know that you wouldn’t want that, though.) I’ve had Netflix for quite a while and we watch a lot of TV shows on it and I’ve never gotten one out of order; in fact, a few times I’ve had them send the next thing in line way on down the queue rather than send me the wrong one.