Fuck that lucky fish

I’m in Sweden, where the summer so far has been a dreary collage of grey skies and constant rain. It’s slowly starting to let up, but we’ve had maybe three nice days all summer.

Reflecting upon this, I turned to my beloved over breakfast and asked how it could possibly rain so much. All the water coming down has to get up through evaporation, so how can it rain a lot more certain periods? Surely it must even out somehow? More water evaporates when it’s warm, she says. “But it hasn’t been warm!”, I complain. She points out that the evaporating water doesn’t necessarily rain down on the same spot from which it evaporated.

“So there’s some fucker somewhere who’s had a lovely summer, and because of him I have to suffer through this?”, I said with a dramatic gesture towards the torrents of rain outside the window.

“It doesn’t have to be over land”, she says. “It could be in the middle of the Atlantic.”

In other words, somewhere in the Atlantic there’s a fucking lucky piece of shit fish who’s had the summer of his fish life, totally ignoring that I’ve lived through an eight week rainstorm. Therefore, I Pit that fish. Fuck it.

Where I live a guy could get into serious trouble fucking a fish.
But I hear that Sweden is pretty liberal about those things.

Well, if you lived on a boat, you could just cruise around to wherever the good weather is and never have to worry about bad weather again. :rolleyes:

Her life.

:smiley: ::d&r::

The extended forecast here in Minneapolis shows highs in the mid to upper 70’s (24-27C) and sunny until maybe next Wednesday. We might have a shower or two then.


Just thought I’d share.

runs from the thread

I was afraid to open this thread, having just followed a link to www.dolphinsex.com in another thread. :eek:

It turns out the fish are rather grumpy too.

Mid Atlantic Fish here. Thanks to The_Llama for letting me use his account.

You pompous ass. I’ve made no less the 10… 10 visits to the magic fish asking for just one nice season. One teensy weensy bit of mid-Atlantic sun. But do I get to sunbathe in peace? Oh nooooo, I gotta hear about how the poor people in Sweden have to suffer with a wittle bit of wain. Suck it up, you hairless monkey! I’m wet 24/7 and even when I get nice sunny weather I’m still fucking wet!!! So do me a favor, go out and use your “umbrellas” and your “awnings” and let a fish have his day.*

the thoughts expressed by mid-Atlantic fish are not necessarily those of the owner of this account.

I’ve already tumbled to that concept. The problem of predicting the weather remains unsolved, though, unless I can find that fucking fish.

If you weren’t wet, you’d fucking drown. Don’t blame me for that, blame God.

There seems to be a preponderance of pit threads that have the words ‘fuck’ and ‘fish’ contained in them.

:wanders off to do a thread search:


Oh, I do… I DO! But don’t get all cutsie on me. I’d like a day on the beach, just like any other blue fin worker. I’m just sayin, you’re ungrateful. And just for you’re crappy attitude, I ain’t gonna tell you how to navigate your stupid ship idea to avoid the weather. (Sticks out fish tounge)

I’m trying to put myself in the perspective of the fish.

Wouldn’t she rather have it raining? Maybe one of those raindrops will knock some big ol bug out of the air and right onto the fishes dinner plate.

Also, the little fishee could stick her head out of the water and get a drink of fresh raindrops instead of constantly drinking that nasty old salty ocean.

Glad to help

Well to be honest, I’m not much of a freshwater connoisseur. But it is nice sometimes to get a refreshing little sunshower while I’m basking. Thanks for being a sensitive man of the new millenium, BubbaDog.

Mid-atlantic fish, don’t let him get to you like that. Just enjoy the fact that we have the great weather and he doesn’t. :wink:

I thought this thread was going to be about Led Zeppelin.

Heh, want to trade places?

I hate summer weather, I really do. I hate this goddamn consant 30+ degree weather and awful humidity. But more than that, I hate the constant sun. I work in a lab; I hate the way in shines in through these huge windows reflecting off every surface into my eyes; I hate the way it makes the computer monitor impossible to read; I hate the way the sun brings everybody out to the parks so I can’t fly my kites. Most of all, I hate the way sunlight makes my sinuses plug up with snot, my eyes water and my throat hurt.

Dreary, cloudy, rainy days are like a little piece of heaven. They’re cool. The parks are empty so I can fly my kites in peace. I can see my computer monitors clearly and I don’t have to stand in awkward positions to avoid being blinded from stray reflections. I love the way that amusement parks are deserted on rainy days so you can go on the rides again and again - no lines. I love the fact that you don’t have to rub nasty, oily sunscreen all over. Most of all, I love the fact that my allergies are non-existant and I can actually get a full night’s sleep.

Considering your location I actually had to think about what scale you were mentioning :slight_smile:

From the link, “Ziggy Zablotny” is the best name in the history of the universe.

Sorry. :smiley:

Priceguy, you do realise that those motherfucking Atlantic fish make all the shit weather do a little “tester” on Ireland before they cruise across the UK and Norway to drop its guts on Sweden. So I join you in fucking the fish.

(By the way, in Sweden do you get the same pattern that I’ve observed: two fine weeks in May guaranteed, but then a 50/50 that it will be nice in the traditional ‘summer’ months of June, July, and August?)

Fuck the fish!