It's Official. GOD said no summer for New Englander's. Just rain, rain, rain!!!

I’m in Connecticut. I like to work outside. I like to work outside even more when it’s not raining. I really, really like to work outside when I know I have the whole summer off. And I reall, really, REALLY, like to work out side now that my wife has a new playmate…Minmei - our new kitty.

But no. The master of the universe has deemed that there will be no work outside due to his wanting to create some semblance of a flood he once orchestrated. (I’m making a point…as most know I am heterosexually agnostic)

So no digging in the dirt trying to make a hobbit hole. No tilling a new garden site, no plotting out a new stone cairne I want to build. Instead I get to watch all the attention in the house switch from me to our new daughter Minmei.

I look at my poor dog wanting to go out side and romp with his best friend, but I open the door and he just looks at me with that look. You who own dogs know the look. “Bullshit! I’m not going out there! If you don’t like the humidity do you think I do? I’m wearing a friggin, fur coat ya dolt!”

So I’m going to go work in the garage, and let my wife unhook the kitten from the 25 foot wooden walls, and let her get the kitty trained…I’m just going to be here in the garage…if I ever get down from myb office…

What do you folks in the UK do? Doesn’t it rain there alot?

It ain’t just you. After last years drought the Mid-Atlantic is in ark-building mode.

I heard on the radio this morning that we’ve had rain 42 of the last 50 days.


You’re up in Loudon, right, Chance?

Here in Richmond we’re experiencing the same damn thing. Rain. Followed by rain. Then some more rain, with intermittent rain throughout the day. After that, there’s a little more rain, with afternoon showers or thunderstorms. Drizzle in the evening has been interupted by the occasional downpour.

This is the weirdest weather pattern I’ve ever seen. If I wanted to live under clouds and be depressed all the time I’d move the Seattle.

At least it’s warm enough to rain, so we didn’t have to look at it piled up for the next three weeks. How many threads were there about all that damn snow we got?

It reminds me of the line in “An Irish Mother’s Letter to her Son”: It only rained twice this week, once for three days and once for four days.

Damn Straight.

And this is weird beyond belief. And if you count all the winter precip (as Casey mentioned) we’ve been way high on the ‘water falling from the sky’ bit for more than six months.

What the hell is up with that?

I bitched about this last month when we were in the beginning of “no sun in sight” for the Mid-Atlantic:

Summer Officially Cancelled on the East Coast

We had an AWFUL tease promising of a sunny, warm weekend according to ALL the forecasters earlier this week, and in less than a day they changed it back to 70 degrees and raining. I literally stood there with tears in my eyes as I saw the weekend forecast.

A survey buddy of mine said the water table has risen in all the aquifer’s from the mason dixon to Norther maine so much, that they are at the Highest levels since the turn of last century! Thats friggin nuts!

I am getting married next saturday and was going to have it outside, so much for that! Luckily, we are having it at a hotel and they don’t let you rent an outdoor area without reserving an indoor space also, thank goodness for that! I can’t remember when we’ve had this much rain last, jeez :eek:

Maybe if you guys can help me send some good thoughts skyward we can make the rain go away!

Another round of storms just started in DC. I go through culture shock looking at my backyard. I can’t help but to think I moved to Brazil and now live in the middle of a rainforest.

I feel your pain.

Help! We’re Sinking!

I am about to go out, and install a bunch of high intensity quartz lights up on the roof of our garage, to at least simulate what the sun might look like at this time of the year.

On a positive note though, I have had as much time as I could possibly want to chill inside and paint.

All this rain forecasted for the weekend only makes it a certainty that I will be getting free Mets/Yankees tix for Saturday…

Well, if you’ve been watching CNN, Fox News or the Today Show this week, you’ve probably seen the FedEX truck floating down the road in 10 feet of water. Yep! That’s where I live. As a matter of fact, that FedEx truck was only about a half-mile from where I work. Luckily my office is on a hill.

I have never seen so many snails, and they seem pretty happy with this spring’s weather.

I wish I were a snail.


Ugh. It’s like I’m stuck in a Ray Bradbury story. All Summer in a Day, or possibly The Day it Rained Forever..

Have I moved to Venus? No, just Worcester, MA.

My entire house smells musty. I have a 105 year old house with a dirt floor in the basement, and it smells like a swamp down there. I can’t get dry. This sucks.

Morgain - you live up in Woosta? Why don’t you go down to Spaggs and pick yourself up a good dehumidifier and throw it downstairs on high?

My basement has two of them working full time to keep our basement nice and mold free. They actually work really well.

Rain is nice once in a while, when we can go out and enjoy it, but this is ridiculous

My husband has a serious case of the blues. He’s been able to ride his motorcycle twice this year. I think he’s seen every movie that’s been released, and he’s probably worn a path in Arundel Mills Mall from all the time he’s spent walking around there. He’s been cancelled out of driving the water taxi more times than he’s driven. It’s June in Baltimore, and he has to turn on the heat at night. He wants to do some work on the boat, but he’s trapped down below because you can’t apply varnish in the rain.

I’m heading up that way next week - maybe I can drag some of the Florida sunshine with me (although it’s been overcast and rainy for the last few days here too.)

Guess what it’s doing right now? Raining.

Guess what it’s done just about every day for the past two months? Rained.

Guess who’s basement is under two inches of water in a few corners? Mine.

Guess who’s dog really, really wants it to stop raining so the summer ritual of nice long late-evening walks can commence? Mine. Poor girl.

And this makes job-hunting without a car a whole lot more unpleasant…

And here I sit in sunny Michigan, finally having hit summer after never topping seventy throughout the spring. :slight_smile:

Ah, payback…

Don’t even joke like that, Phlosphr. They promised me when they moved me up here that the weather wouldn’t be that bad. (Compared to what, I wonder?)

On the one hand, I’m wondering when there will be a weekend nice enough to fix up the pool. (Anywhere else, I’d have been swimming for months.) On the other hand, I’m wondering if the weather will be nice enough this year to bother.