Rain, rain and more frigging rain

It’s not fucking funny anymore. Life in Merrie England and indeed the UK as a whole, is decidedly soggy

For most of June and practically every day in July it has rained.

Not your slight showers, oh no, it’s hissing down from morning until night, ducks have been seen strolling into Tesco buying umbrellas and waterproof coats.

I look out my window hoping to see merry hordes of happy people skipping along resplendent in their summer clothing…what do I see?

A miserable parade of hapless folk trudging, heads down with a grim determination on their faces…the spirit of the blitz is with us…we shall not surrender to the elements, we shall fight on the beaches…well in the street anyways.

Our umbrellas are unfurled and ready for action

This wet bombardment will not cow the great British public…at least not for a few more days anyway.

I’m sick of it

Yep, pretty bad for me too, as I work outdoors - if the public don’t turn up, I get sent home!

Still, we should consider ourselves lucky we don’t live in the neighbouring county, across the Pennines. Haven’t they heard of drains? There’s always been a rumour that Yorkshire’s the third world, but :eek:

If you’d be so kind as to box some up and send it here, I’d be much obliged. My lawn is crunchy and brown.

::shakes fist at universe::

Believe me if I could I would.

FWIW my lawn/s resemble the Lake District with a smattering of an Amazon rain forest, only wetter

I won’t menion our perfect summer weather, then. Not even too hot! Low humidity, cool breezes at night, warm sunshine during the day, and a surprising abscence of the week-lonmg smoggy heatwaves we usually get. (We’ve had a bout a week of that weather, tops.)

I could really learn to dislike you Sunspace

I’m loving the summer we’re having here in Central Oregon, right now- it’s 64 degrees, and I’m almost regretting having worn shorts to work today. SO much better than baking in 100+ temps.

I was the one wishing we could get some of your rain a while ago. :slight_smile:

Now a pattern seems to be developing where we get more sudden intense-but-brief storms and fewer three-day-long drizzles. They’re saying it’s the changing climate.

Did I mention that not only is it pissing down but it’s also windy and quite cold.

Bollocks to it I say

I don’t mind the rain too much but it was genuinely chilly this afternoon. It’s July FFS!

It’s raining again in Central Texas. It’s rained nearly everyday for a month. We haven’t even come close to triple digit temps so far this summer. Do you see me complaining? Hell no.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud to be Texan and all. I giggle whenever I see some hapless yankee melting under our particularly brutal brand of sunshine, but any rain here this time of year, even destructive flooding type rain, is a good thing. The only downside is that I still have green grass that needs mowing.

Raining up here in the PNW. But I got the moulding cut and put in a couple of weeks ago, so I don’t need to do anything outside. It’s been freakin’ hot up here, so the cool weather and the rain is a relief. The new screen doors went onto the two rear bedrooms’ exterior doors Monday – just in time to not need to have the doors open!

It’s going to be a lazy weekend. Watch some vids, make fish tacos, and snap a couple of photos for eBay.

I’ll take some here too, please. With the exception of a few showers this week, it’s been dreadfully dry for the past month-and-a-half. Farmers in my area are looking at a 50% crop loss.

As a change from having a week’s holiday in some far-flung part of Southern Europe, this year we decided to rent a cottage in the Peak District. The trip starts tomorrow. Do you think we have made a wise decision ? At least if it is too wet it’s not too far to come home.

Well it’s nice in the Peaks…when it’s sunny :slight_smile:

On the other hand…

What gets me is that you mow your lawn and five days later it’s grown six inches. Just incredible how fast grass grows at the moment. Thank god my lawn is about the size of a snooker table.

I’m off to my but’n’ben next week in the Highlands, and at the worst I’m stuck indoors with a nice warm fire, a pile of books and a stack of booze. I can handle that.

We need to resurrect this thread in January, for Sunspace’s benefit.


Like UncleRojelio said, this has been the wettest summer in memory for most of Texas. There have only been a few days without rain here in Houston since the beginning of June. I’ve never seen everything so lush and green; the trees and shrubs all look like they’ve been frosted since there’s no much light green fresh growth on top of them.

I grew up in West Texas, where droughts routinely forced water rationing in the summertime. Everything would get brown and crunchy, small animals died, the ground would crack, dust storms were common and grass fires were a real danger. That sucked. I learned not to grumble too much about rain, because lots of rain is better than no rain at all.

That being said, we’re all going to come down with Seasonal Affective Disorder if we don’t see the sun soon.

Quoth ** UncleRojelio**

To us in the UK, the quoted phrase seems to have something to do with office secretaries that spent the weekend juggling chainsaws.

It’s not all bad is this rain, its diluted the pollution in the local river for the moment.