WTF is wrong with England this "summer"?

Ok, I moved here from Seattle 6 years ago. It rains here a lot, it’s way far north, it’s on the same latitude as Moscow. It’s dark, it’s grey, and it’s cold. I get it, I really do.

But what the hell happened to summer this year? It’s fucking August, I’ve already got seasonal affective disorder, I’m wearing a sweater and jeans and wool socks IN MY FLAT, and it’s pissing down rain and cold as hell out side. Global warming my speckled arse.




Look, England - I don’t bitch about the winters. I don’t bitch about the food. I even don’t bitch too much about the chavs and the scumbags. I don’t bitch about the high prices, crowds, or drunken scum picking fights and throwing kebabs and cans of lager about outside the train station at 2am.

But this is just taking the piss. Sort this out immediately, or I promise you, England, action will be taken!!


Its not just England, its all of North-Western Europe I think. I mean, come on, I was explicitly warned about the Parisian summer. From my experiences this summer I think they were all taking the piss. Its not much different to a typical British summer…

Too fucking right.

We had the central heating on this weekend - mid-August and the radiators were cranked up to full. :mad:

Our team’s cricket season has consisted of exactly one single match since May… every other game has been rained off.

We’d better see some decent snow this winter to compensate, otherwise I’m going to go buy the most carbon-hungry appliances I can find to make sure we get these blazing summers the climate-doom folks are promising.

My work jumpers are coming out of the wardrobe this weekend - I was freezing in shirt-sleeves this morning, but our office heating won’t be on until the autumn.


We’ve actually used our new fireplace twice this summer.

Fuck this shit!

Though I have to say it was lovely for about a week between August 3rd and August 10th.

North Scotland’s weather is completely borked as well. Any sort of outdoor activity now requires you pre-pack gear covering 4 standard seasons, with a good chance you’ll use the lot in a day.

Climate change - no shit, it changes ever 10 fucking minutes. I’ve had bike trips where I’ve gone from t-shirt and shorts to jumper, waterproof overtrousers and jacket, back to t-shirt and shorts, then back to waterproofs, all in a matter of minutes. I was beginning to feel like a mountainbiking cabaret act.

I’ve quite liked this ‘summer’. I can’t stand the high heat that everyone else seems to love. I just wish it wasn’t so bloody windy!

I might feel differently if I lived in a flood-risk area…

Yeah, right when I was on holiday. My flatmate laughed at me and told me I ‘missed summer’ when I got back, but fuck - at least I had a bit of a tan from being Stateside for 3 weeks.

A wandering Jet Stream has fucked us.

Oh and in general a warmer planet is a wetter planet :wink:

Summer was in April this year, didn’t you get the memo? The upcoming bank holiday is looking good for the southeast at least.

I’m in Boston, and it’s not any better. I’m on vacation this week, and I’d planned on spending every day at the beach. Since Saturday, it’s been partly cloudy, windy, and the temperature hasn’t risen above 70F. I am Not Amused.

Move to Australia. Our summers are so hot, we’re suffering a serious, possibly terminal, drought.

Gentle breeze and 31 deg C here. People sometimes ask me why I left the motherland :smiley:

Fucking jet streams. Bastards come over here with no respect for the way we do things. The whole country is going to hell in a hand basket because of the likes of them.

I blame the E-bloody-U.

Today is actually quite nice over here to be honest. Here’s a pic from out my window at work about 10 mins ago.

Feck off, yojimbo. The thread title says ‘England’.

According to most of the world it’s the same thing :smiley:

You well, truly, and thoroughly suck. I think I may even hate you a little bit. is what sunny Ol’ London town looks like today.

garius - definitely the bloody foreigners. Can’t stand them, coming over to this fair isle, talking their gibberish and making with their foreign ways and stealing proper English jobs and women and making the weather turn to shite! Toss the lot of them out, I say.

Oh, wait, what was that? I was one of the filthy foreign horde 6 years ago and am dating a fair English rose meself? Oh, well…

You suck too. This is a vent about England, not some nice namby-pamby-pleasant-weather-country. So just be silent if you can’t join in my wrath, hear?

Shit, missed it.

It’s because it’s dual language, German & English, but this calendar has it about right…