Hey New Englanders...Remember all those complaints about the snow and cold and rain?

If I could peel off my skin to make myself cooler, I would seriously consider it. Well it’s not really the heat…

Hey, it’s hot in Chicago too. Been that way for a week. It’s summer for the love of Kali! Enjoy it.

Technically, it’s Spring. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the hardest part of it is there was no real transition. We went from cold snow to cold rain straight into high heat and humidity. Someone forgot the balmy Spring days. But this seems to happen every year and it’s not even an indicator of things to come. In a week, it’ll probably “normal” out. I really shouldn’t complain, but I’m so darn good at it… :smiley:

Like I said at work today, “It went from November to July in two weeks.”

I’m loving this weather, so I’m going to hold off complaining about it. :slight_smile:

Not in NE, but I’m definitley not missing the cold, snow and rain. It’s hot and humid, but that’s how it should be. :slight_smile:

Explaining about courting the future Mrs. Plant from 1500 miles away…no, there is no time, let me Sum Up:
Driving from Logan in the dusk to New Hampshire, I saw huge continuous piles of gray material next to the freeway. (Beg pardon, Parkway).
“What is that, Baby, gravel? They doing construction?”
“That’s snow.”
“SNOW? It’s October! Should I have brought a coat?”

[nitpick] That would be “highway” to a native. Or, if you’re headed a certain direction out of Boston, “expressway”, as in the Southeast Expressway, a/k/a the Southeast Distressway. But you can’t go wrong (idiomatically) with “highway”.

Mrs. Plant calls everything where one can drive faster than 50 MPH “Parkway”. I believed her to be expert in all thingsNorthern. Again, I beg pardon.

I must digress.

Here, being Arkansas and Tennesse, “Highway” is a two lane high speed road built by and limited to the state. “Freeway” is an interstate built or funded by the Feds.
We have no toll roads because we Live Free or Die.

Wait a minute…

Hmm… we had snowflakes a few days ago, and we’ve got a freeze warning tonight.

Yeah, I love it. :slight_smile:


I spent most of last week in a corner of Northern California (business trip) where we experienced four distinct seasons within 5 days. People at the meeting were full of anxiety about leaving on time, lest an additional day’s delay allow wildfire season to also visit us.

I try not to complain about the cold temperatures in the winter, because I know I will be complaining about the heat and humidity in the summer. (I do complain about the snow, because that’s a convenience issue and not a temperature issue).

Basically, I’m hating it and will continue to hate it until the Fall. People can say, “It’s summer! Enjoy it” all they want, and I am not going to enjoy it , damnit!

lorene, preach it, sister!

(Hey, I even like the snow.)

lorene --my new hero.

I HATE heat and humidity.
I bide my time, pining for fall and winter and (here) for spring. We had such a nice spring, too–cool and sunny. A wee on the dry side, but I’m not complaining!

Now it’s A/C and bad hair day after bad hair day and feeling NO energy and racing from air conditioned car to air conditioned store/work etc.
I experience no thrill at the rising mercury; melting tar does not seduce me; construction on the roads is not a joy, Great Lakes beaches are not attractive.

Yep–I’m a grouch, headed for mean old codger status.

The only redeeming features of summer are: fireflies, iced tea is truly refreshing; my birthday, and porch swings get used an awful lot. That is all.

I’m happy. I’d much much rather be hot than cold; I realize that’s the reverse of most people, but in my case it’s true. So far, I haven’t been “too” hot yet. If it creeps into the high 90s that’ll change, but for now I’m more than content with the weather.

I just moved from FL to VT, and embarassed at how much the heat is effecting a southerner like me. Outside it’s not so bad, as I’m used to it there, but the fact that no one has air conditioning so that you can’t get away from it and cool down really adds to the discomfort.

Ditto me.

We only get 3-4 months of hot weather! I refuse to complain about it. I hate the cold.

I don’t mind heat; it’s the humidity that makes me crazy. Although, to my horror, after four years in New Orleans I’ve acclimated to it to a degree I never thought possible. For example, when I went to Miami in February for a bar mitzvah, I wish I’d had my camera pointed at my friend’s face when I told her how nice it was to be somewhere where the humidity was so low. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t mind four seasons. It’s that fifth season, hurricane season, that makes me crazy. Especially when the stupid storms don’t even come to visit us. What, we’re not good enough for you, Arlene?

It snowed here yesterday. Pretty nice so far today. About 60d F.

Gonna snow again tho. Looks like it’s about 20 minutes away.

Or not.

Colorado. You never know.