fuck the gloved one

Wow. Aren’t your teeth hurting from your foot constantly hitting you in the mouth?

So do most men.

Even if he was (and it was never proven in court), pedophilia is considered an eniterly seperate thing from homosexuality.

I don’t think he was normal in that respect for staights or gays.

So anyone who can dance is gay?

So if they never had intercourse, how did she have his children?

And why do you think it would be such a great thing for the gay community if MJ was a fellow queer?

Are you stupid?

Dancing, being vain, not fucking his wife and having a former spouse that turned out to be gay do not equate to proof of anybody’s sexuality. Have you got a reliabe cite that he was attracted to young males? If he was, he could still have been attracted to females and therefore have been bi. You have offered no evidence to back up your statement.

I always pegged him as asexual. But I pulled that right outta my big black ass; exactly where everyone pulls everything about him from.

I’d rather not. Especially now.

I was never really convinced. He was a weirdo and certainly had some inappropriate relationships with other peoples children, but the evidence that there was anything sexual going on was rather weak IMHO.

Also, Lisa Presley is gay?

Lisa Marie Presley is gay? Man, that must have sucked (or rocked) for her four husbands.

It bothers me too that his sex crimes are being glossed over by the media, but I don’t think it’s fair to define his particular sexual patholgy as “homosexuality.” There is no evidence that he was attracted to adult males (or adult women either). He was attracted to little boys. He was a pederast.

Yeah, so do I. And…?

Maybe…but I was asking you for proof, not innuendo. I’m not Jacko’s biggest fan, but some documented facts would be helpful here.

Well, he did plastic surgery himself into (what I consider) a grotesque mockery of a human face, but being obsessed with his looks is not proof that he was a homosexual pedophile maniac.

Dude, I can’t dance at all and I’m black. Being black doesn’t mean anyone can dance just as being asian doesn’t mean you instantly know martial arts or being mexican makes you wear a sombrero.

Don’t know about that. Is there a cite?

Don’t know much about that. I didn’t follow a lot of Jacko news and I’ve been out of the US for awhile. Got a cite? Because whether or not you liked his music or anything its all rumor without a cite. I expect that plenty of secrets will be coming out in the coming days. I just didn’t expect the shit talkers to come out before the body was cold.

One can be straight and still be a pedophile who’s attracted to young children (even if they’re male). It doesn’t make one gay. Stop calling him gay. He’s a fucking PEDOPHILE. Pedophiles are attracted to CHILDREN. CHILDREN. It’s not about their SEX/GENDER. It’s the fact that they are CHILDREN. Got that asshole? Some may have a preference for one sex or another, but that’s not their first priority.

I’m starting to suspect that the OP believes everyone is secretly gay.

It’s weird how just because he’s dead, now everybody is saying they don’t believe he was fucking those kids. Of course he was.

Dio, I can’t say for certain that he was. Yeah, I knda think there was some kiddy hanky panky going on, but I can’t prove it. And neither can Koufax. At least as of this moment. As I told the missus, we’re probably gonna learn a lot of the dirty little secrets in the coming day, and weeks.

I think MJ was a talented but troubled man. I blame the people around him more than I do blame hime though. He had issues, and the people close to him probably knew it but looked the other way or enabled him for their own gain. Thats my belief and of course I cannot prove it. We’ll most likely find out in the future.

I suspect people are saying it now that he’s dead because…that’s what they thought he was alive, but no one has bothered to have a conversation about Michael Jackson for most of a decade to express their opinion. FWIW, I thought the same thing when the allegations were first made. It seemed like a pile-on for the guy being a weirdo rather then there being much evidence.

One big piece of evidence is that he paid a kid $15 million to shut him up.

How many adult males do you know who routinely sleep with other people’s kids?

I don’t care if he was gay or not, and that is certainly not the issue here. Michael Jackson was a child molester. We can all say it now if we want to!!! We all know it’s true, and nobody can sue us-- “libel law” doesn’t protect the dead. It is extremely difficult to prove child abuse in cases like that. If anyone is having any problems believing any of this… I recommend working in your state’s DHS department as a child protective services case manager (extremely long hours for almost no money, btw,) for a while, where you will see parents abusing their kids and get off because nobody could prove anything. It makes me sick that so many people who are managing to get their voices heard (on TV, etc.) are falling all over themselves to make excuses for this sick and disgusting person. But I don’t think, on the whole, that this attitude will last. Before anyone comes up with a list of excuses for Michael Jackson just because he was extremely talented, I just wish that I could ask them, for the love of God, STOP and THINK-- would you have trusted this person within a mile of YOUR child?

About the same number who live in giant amusement parks named “Neverland” and spread rumors about themselves living in hyperbaric chambers.

No denying the guy was a weirdo who had an inappropriate relationship with children. But as I said before, the evidence that the relationship was sexual seems unconvincing.

I’ll bet you did. :slight_smile:

Pegging, for those who don’t know.

My post in response to this doesn’t have anything to do with the OP’s point, but is this strictly true? I was under the impression that pedophiles (in general) liked either little girls or little boys, both being less often. I quick wiki search didn’t turn up anything to confirm that, so maybe it’s just how it’s been portrayed on TV, but that’s always been my impression.

MJ, whether or not he actually did anything with the boys, only had boys sleep over (from what I heard-- never actually followed the news very closely). Lewis Carroll, while it’s pretty certain he never did anything with them, was interested almost exclusively with being in the company of young girls.

if you want to be a turd about Michael Jackson’s passing, this is the way to do it: