fuck the gloved one

Correct me if I am wrong. Michael Jackson was a real grade A asshole

This INCREDIBLY talented was a homosexual who got married twice to women to dispel the rumors that he liked boys errr I mean men. Instead of helping the gay cause, he turned his back on them.

And he dressed his kids in veils when he took them out in public.

Veils…not hats…veils.

Moonwalk for Satan, bitch…moonwalk

I wasn’t aware that he was a homosexual. I thought it was generally accepted he was probably a pedophile though.

He was greater than Jesus, Mohammad, and Abraham combined. He deserves his own religion.

Will you join? :slight_smile:

My general distaste for Michael Jackson’s alleged boy activities is somewhat tempered by the fact that he is dead.

Bigger question: whom did he will the Beatles catalog to?

Emitt Rhodes and John David Carson are going to split it.

He was gay?

He was black?

Who isn’t these days.

Assuming that was true,

I think it’s pretty easy to argue that the best way he could have helped the gay cause was by staying in the closet.

CMC fnord!

Just curious…what proof do you have that MJ was gay?

I think he had problems that went beyond just being a homosexual in denial. And even if he was, it seems pretty bizarre to pit him for that rather then the possible pedophilia thing.

I’m bitterly disappointed. I was getting a blowjob when I heard Princess Di was dead, and I was only texting smutty messages to my girlfriend when I heard Jacko was dead. At this rate when I hear Paul McCartney has dropped off the twig I’ll be reduced to licking underwear catalogues for thrills.

It’s not so bad. You find yourself liking it after awhile.

I wasn’t pitting him for being a homosexual. I was pitting him for pretending not to be one, when a person of his stature (in entertainment) could have helped the gay community.

Or as one poster already pointed out, maybe hiding his was the best thing for gays.

But the more I think about that selfish asshole and the way he acted, the more I’m glad he didn’t get to do that big tour this summer.

Again, I ask, what proof do you have that MJ was gay. Not even bei g snarky, I just want to know.

I had one of the news channels on briefly this afternoon, and they were eulogizing MJ in glowing terms. I was disgusted; the man was a pedophile and child abuser, and is absolutely not worthy of being lionized, despite his talent.

I’m going to look really stupid, I’m sure, but what good evidence is there that he was really a pedophile, and not a victim of greedy parents taking money that it was easier to give them than fight?

I was never too much into the Michael Jackson court cases. Is it pretty clear, or is his pedophilia something everyone ‘knows’ like everyone ‘knew’ Dean Martin was a raging drunk?

Every time Scissorjack [del]masturbates[/del] does anything sexual … God kills a [del]kitten[/del] celebrity?

I ain’t betting against you in any Celebrity Death Pool!

CMC fnord!
So what were you doing that “nailed” Farrah Fawcett?

umm.lets see…

He had a penis.

He was sexually attracted to young males.

He was OBSESSED with his looks, to the point where he turned himself into a freak.

He danced great. Ok ok that could be because he used to be black. I’ll give you that one.

He didn’t fuck his second wife, you know, the one who bore his children.

His first wife is gay.

Are you blind?

I believe a pedophile is someone who is sexually attracted to young children.

He was (alledgedly) sexually attracted to young teenagers.

And the evidence…he paid off one kid, then ended up alone with other kids and admitted he liked to “sleep” with his little friends.

would you let your young son spend the night with him or any man for that matter?