King of De Nile (former king of pop)

Mask-wearing, baby-dangling songster Michael Jackson told the whopper of the new century, that his face was never reshaped with plastic surgery. Is the masked one so deluded he thinks it’s true or does he just think the public is stupid?

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Cliff, what color is the sky in your world?

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No really! His chin just GREW that cleft! His cheekbones just moved on their own accord! His nose shrunk down to a nubbins via magic pixie dust.

I think the more disturbing thing here is the fact that he sleeps with children. Even if it’s “Just sleeping” it still disturbs me.

I think some court somewhere should order DNA tests to see if those kids of his are really his.

I mean the guy sings and talks like a child and shows almost no male secondary sex characteristics. I think he might be a castrati.

But I am not saying he IS. Just Might be…

Y’know, this would actually make sense. In one of his signature dance moves, he’s not cupping his genitalia – he’s scratching the itch from a healing surgical incision.,,2003051772,00.html

Here’s one where he admits to sleeping with children and tells that his son’s name is “Blanket.” Wtf?

He’s sad. He’s seriously seriously sad.

Someone, please. Do something. He’s heading for a crash. Soon. One can only hope someone will do something for those kids.

Don’t miss the show tonight 8:00 pm!

I’ve seen the documentary. It’s… surreal. Can’t blame the journalist for walking away of it all after having asked the burning questions. Questions that didn’t really find a good reception with Michael.

Jackson feels “utterly betrayed” by BBC interviewer Martin Bashir

Not strictly an accurate reflection of his comments on the show – he admitted to having had two procedures on his nose. But yeah, he seemed to believe people would buy the idea that all other changes in his appearance happened just like that, or were a result of vitiligo. The fact that Bashir couldn’t get a better answer sinks the whole sorry business AFAIC, but by now most of you should have had a chance to see it for yourselves.

You do realise there’s a special level of Hell set aside for people who link to the Sun on these boards don’t you?

I believe he just refers to the kid as Blanket, that isn’t his real name. I know one of his kids is named Prince Michael :rolleyes:

Oh, and 'scuse the boring nitpick, but Bashir doesn’t work for the BBC – it was an ITV programme.

Bizarrely, his three kids are called Prince Michael Jackson I, Paris Michael Jackson and Prince Michael Jackson II (aka Blanket). Not the most ridiculous celebrity kids names I’ve ever heard but, well, you do have to roll your eyes all the same don’t you?

I stand corrected. I watched it on a Dutch channel the day after the UK premiere, and they introduced it as BBC material. A stern letter shall be written, I assure you. :wink:

Both boys are.

You know, even with the scarf on, you can still see what the kid looks like. So why even BOTHER?

Didn’t he used to call his little boytoys “rubba?” How disturbing is that.

I really do feel for these poor kids, seriously, I’m not kidding even a little. I think these kids need to be rescued before they’re fucked up beyond all repair.

Ya think?


Did you see him at that shop? What the FUCK? It was like giant Faberge eggs, only they weren’t as nice. It was all rococco and all these urns. Totally tacky. Ugly stuff.

You know, if I had his extravagance, I wouldn’t build a ranch/zoo/amusement park. I’d build a huge library-museum-center of culture and education. And I’d arrange for people to study and learn, for plans to educate.

But I wouldn’t just buy crap like that on a whim!

Yeah, but that’s the difference between you and an adult with the mind of a small boy, y’old bore ;).

I’ve heard several people complain about how he should be spending more of his money on children’s aid foundations and less on useless crap. But that would be too rational as well. Other comments I’ve heard are how weird it was to see him buying paintings virtually by the yard without even looking at them and how empty his funfair looked.

How about that plan to adopt a couple of kids from every continent? Should we switch “adopt” with “collect” in that sentence?

That is not the most disturbing stuff. The fact that he said the children have NO contact whatsoever with their mother (indeed, the older Prince told Bashir that he didn’t have a mummy) really freaks me out. Michael claims Debbie Rowe, the mother of the two oldest children, “can’t handle it” and thinks he “needs to be a daddy” so she never sees them, ever.


And what’s this happy horseshit about the third kid’s mother? At one point MJ says she was a surrogate and he never even met her or knew her name, and at another point he says he had a relationship with her. WTF?

As far as the nickname “blanket” goes, I was calling my youngest “squeak toy” for a while because of the sounds he made!

My dad STILL calls me Bean. I used to eat mashed green beans as a baby and smear it all over my face.

My sister was Poups (like the oo in book), because she had bad diaarhea as a child. (She’d kill me if she knew I was saying this. HA!)

I know I’m not a millionaire masturbating my inner child, but still, I mean, that’s just what I would do, if I had his money. I mean, yeah, what he spends it on is his business. That’s not what I have a problem with. It’s just the WAY he does it-he has no taste whatsoever. WAAAAY too much Rococco.

Art Nouveau is much much better.