fuck the gloved one

He also took naked pictures of them.

Yeah, I have a number of male heterosexual married friends who have never had sex with their wives yet have 2 children with the woman.

They also all LOVE to dance, are always getting their hair done, having plastic surgery, love to shop and make their kids wear veils to hide their identity in public. (even though you could see right through the veils)

And they ALL talk in a high pitched voice and have an ex wife who is gay.

Seriously, do you think he was a heterosexual? NOT THAT THERE IS ANYTHING WRONG WITH IT

I don’t think that he was anything, because he never made a statement either way and I try hard not to judge people. You have no evidence. And there’s no need to yell.

Oh and I forgot all those friends have been to court in their jammies.

I am not trying to insult gays, but cmon. i think all those rumors that he was asexual were put out there to protect his image, since his handlers probably thought that he would lose fans if he admitted he was gay.

Goddamn your ass must be sore.

How many adult males do you know who did any of the things Michael Jackson did as an adult?

Where does the separation between Gay and Male-Oriented-Pedophile break? Can we accept that, based on evidence that few, if any, underage girls accused him of coming onto them, he was both homosexual (as in, Gay) AND a pedophile?

Really, we need to stop enabling the Male-Oriented Pedophiles because if we recognize they exist it supposedly taints the regular gays. MJ was a Male-Oriented Pedophiles and, by definition, attracted to males. That makes him gay. The attraction to children makes him a pedophile.

What comes to mind for fuck the gloved one?

  1. The Hamburger Helper glove mascot.
  2. Ronald McDonald
  3. The Burger King
  4. Mickey Mouse
  5. Micheal Jackson

Sorry that’s the order I thought of them. I really don’t think about that singer guy.

Hey, I’m Irish and drunk.

Go ahead and give it one more shot, shaking it out on the dance floor…

Ok, only part Irish

For not trying, you’re sure doing a hell of a job.

Wait, we had to wait this long for a “Fuck Michael Jackson” thread and this is what we get?!

Jerking off into a crumpled hernia truss brochure from 1953.

I’m not going to ask how you finished off David Carradine.

I don’tt have to try anything out one more time. I’m only saying that we have nothing but innuendo on the Jacko/Pedo thing. He wasn’t jailed for it, was he?

Do not get me wrong. I believe there was some kind of nutso kiddy thing going on. But there is no cited proof. I would not however, let MJ spend time with my kids, if I had any.

Jacko had problems…but more to blame than himslef thre were people that must have known he had some issues. And yet they did nothing to help him. I don’ t think that MJ was personally evil. But he was a sad and lonely and unstable man.

All of the bad things attributed tio him will come out. Its just depressing to see how many folks are ready to caim them as fact before the body is even cold.

Have you met Gonzomax?

Don’t knock it; it’s informative as well as arousing: Curtis LeMay himself says that the new Abdomodyne Lux-O-Truss allows you to enjoy the “Atomic Age Security And Support that only Bomber Command itself provides”.

Great…fifty years of speculation that he faked his death and is living with Elvis and Hitler.

It’s a new Three’s Company!

Whoa, when was this?

Don’t forget Andy Kaufman, no doubt cracking Elvis up with his Elvis impression.