Fuck the state of CT (taxes)

Ok, this is my first rant, so be ready for newbie curses.
Let’s all think back to the year 2000. I was living in Boston at the time. I was paying MA state taxes on my income. I lived there. Near the end of 2000, I moved. I gave my former employers my parent’s address in CT so they could send my tax info there, as I was not sure where I would be. Now, let us mosey into the year 2001. I paid my MA state taxes and my federal taxes. Now, let us saunter into the year 2002. It’s December. I get a letter from the State of CT saying that according to the Feds, I lived in CT during the year 2000, and I didn’t pay any state taxes, so I owe them $512.36. I am confused. I call them up. I explain that I did not live in CT in 2000. The nice man says, “ok!” He then tells me has entered my information into the computers, and all I have to do is fill out form FKFYLYKDFUGVR45312/X5 and send it in, along with my W2 from that year showing I paid MA tax. I ask about any late fees, extra charges. He says that he has put a hold on the account, and when they receive my information, the account will be cleared. “That’s it?” I ask? “Yup,” says he. So, I fill out the forms, mail it away, and forget about it.

This morning I got a letter from those evil-minded pigfuckers in CT.  I now owe the original debt and various fees and interest totaling $878.52.  I called them up.  “What the fuck is this?” I asked them.  Those pencil-dicked nimrods told me they never received my information.  They have no record of me contacting them.  I asked about the dickless wonder who told me he had put a hold on the account.  “Sir, we have no record of this.”  Ok, I take a deep breath.  Luckily (I think to myself) I still have a W2 from that year.  I’ll just fill out form FKFYLYKDFUGVR45312/X5 again and send it in.  Aaaahhhh.  Relax.  

Well, it turns out those fuckwits **really** want my cash.  They told me I have to appear in court.  In CT.  Within 60 days.  Or the interest will continue to accrue.  I currently live in CA.  I’m poor.  I have a job.  I sat down this afternoon and figured out that it will cost me more than $878.52 to fly out there and back (what with missing work).  So, the bastards are going to win.  I’m going to pay the snobbish, self-righteous, scab on the ass of New England state of CT their fucking money because I can’t afford to fight it.  Paying taxes on my income that has already been taxed by one state.  To one of the richest states in the country.  ASSHAT FUCKERS.  

Please feel free to add your own witticisms and curses where you see fit.

where the FUCK is the pissed-off smiley???

I think you’re giving up too easily. If nothing else, you can hire a lawyer or have your parents represent you in court. But before doing that, I’d try going up a level of the hierarchy and talking to supervisors. But from now on, put everything in writing. If you do anything over the phone, ask for verification.

man, I’d never ever send them the money if it wasn’t rightfully due unto them, not ever.