Fuck the unfair touch attack. I hate it. (Video Games)

I’m playing God of War right now and it is frustrating the shit out of me. It’s bringing back memories of all of the 8bit platformers I loathed but couldn’t put down.

The touch attack.

What’s the touch attack you say? We all know it. It’s the one where you walk into a Koopa Troopa and die. Not a Koopa Troopas attack, just rub his shoulder. Or you land on the side of a giant tank in Mega-Man and die. Or you walk into a running commando in Contra and die. All of these seemingly the result of contact, not an attack.

Do video game enemies has posion skin? The kind that kills instantly upon contact, throwing your body high into the air upon absorbtion?

Right now I’m playing God of War and am climbing these maddening knife towers where there are these knives spinning around very slowly. Obviously if you get CUT by one it’s gonna hurt, but if I happen to touch the BOTTOM of one, the flat side of the knife, it send me HURTLING back down to the bottom of the tower with a huge gush of blood.

Fucking touch attacks. I hate them…

Hear, hear.

For the running commando touch death, you can’t beat Rush’N’Attack for NES.

That’s so funny that you mentioned that game. I was gonna use that as an example but I didn’t think anyone would remember it so I went with the good ole favorite Contra.

Rush’nAttack and Ghosts and Goblins are the 2 worst offenders in history.

Ghosts and Goblins for sure. Guerilla War was bad too, although it was impossible to not beat the game.

Ah, the touch of pain[sup]TM[/sup]. One of the things I like about Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories is the lack of touch of pain. Unless the baddie is throwing a punch or something you can totally rub against them, no harm no foul.

Every respectable platformer I can think of works like this. Stop being a wuss. :wink:

That tells you a lot about platformers right there, don’t it?

Commander Keen had one enemy (the little one-eyed Martian) who would only get in your way, not hurt you. And if thinking Commander Keen is a respectable platformer is wrong, I don’t want to be right.