Fuck this dump.

Or perhaps more accurately, fuck these dumps, indeed most heartily, with cinder blocks askew. You see, I have the misfortune of living near one city dump and working near another. Neither is in such proximity that I take notice at either location, except on those days when the high temperature and slight breeze combine in precisely the wrong way. However, my driving route takes me within retching distance of both of the dumps, so that I have the great displeasure of experiencing that peculiar, sweetly putrescent stench that all dumps seem to have in common. Furthermore, my truck is not blessed with air conditioning, so I have the spendid choice between nasal assault if the windows and vents are open, and profuse sweating if they are not. If luck is firmly aligned against me on a certain day, I may happen to sip upon my beverage at the precise moment that those aromatic molecules waft gently up my nostrils, creating the singular illusion that I am partaking of the fermented ass leakings of Satan.

Band name!!!

Tools; Internet Options; Content; AutoComplete
This brings up a control that you can use to clear and then turn off the AutoComplete feature.
Assuming you are using IE, that is…


Wow. The stuff you find layin’ around a dump. I’ve seen plenty o’ threadbare clothes before, but not threadbare posts…


sturmhauke I would perceive this as a direct message from God saying that I need to quit my job, sell my house, and MOVE.

yessirebob i would.

Well, I live above a bowling alley. And below another bowling alley!

Is this to the tune of “Rock this Town?”

I live on an artillery target range.

I work at an ebola virus munfacturor.

And I drive a '63 Corvair.

Top that!

AND my spellchecker doesn’t work.

My president is George Bush

I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die.

I fallen in love with a beautiful and slightly twitchy (this makes me love him more, because I’m a twitchy post-grad) post-grad student.

Who may or may not have hit on me.

Who is ignoring my attempts to chat him up, apparently.
Yeh. Fuck this dump.

And I’m a poor writer/speller.

There’s always work at the Post Office.

NOOOOOOOOOOO!! Not the Post Office.

Cruel and inhumane. Seriously.

Could be worse. Could be a member of the Texas Senate or House of Representatives. (One lobotomy away from running myself.)

I live IN a dump! This can’t be beat.


I’m taking a dump! As we speak!
Dammit, where’s the TP?

Duck this fump.

I was in a similar situation once. My truck ended up looking like a pine forest from all the deodorants hanging from inside te cab…