Fuck. We lost someone today, and we're not even overseas yet. . .

I just got home for lunch, and am pretty pissed/bummed out.

Early this morning, one of our Senior Airmen drove down to Billings, MT to pick up his brother who had flown in. Him, his brother, and a still yet-unidentified third person were driving back up through Fergus County when the SrA’s truck hit a “cow”, killing our Senior Airman. The other two are currently in the hospital, somewhere in Fergus County, Montana. :frowning:

Details are still sketchy on the other two, but we already know we lost one of our own this morning.


Sorry to hear that, Tripler.

What’s a “cow”?

And I’m sorry to hear about your Senior Airman, Tripler.

Sorry to hear that, Tripler.

jayjay, I’m just guessing here, but I think Tripler might live in a state where one is usually a little more specific if they’re talking about a bovine. Could be a steer, could be a bull, whatever, but livestock of that size is just about windshield height and deadly when hit straight-on. I’ve seen it happen with horses, and it’s terrible.

No new news, other than his shop is taking it pretty hard. He was a good worker, and he’s gonna be missed. Like I said, still haven’t heard on the other two in the truck.

I said “cow” under the assumption it was bovine, but it might have been elk or a steer. I haven’t heard specifics yet, but I’m sure we will in the next week or so. I will say this: when some sort of tragedy in this squadron happens, either big or small, there ain’t a shortage of people to help out–and help comes quick and hard.

Fuckin’ sucks though. The thought that he, his brother (we still presume), and someone else were coming back to Great Falls for a good time and then this has to happen.

This is going to put a damper on my weekend.

I’m so sorry to hear that, Trip. Keep your head down over there, and come back safe. And I thank you for your sacrifice and your service.

Sucks rocks

Dude. :frowning:

Condolences from both Sgt. Bluesman and myself, Tripler. Losing a young Airman is always hard.

My Internet went down last night, and I haven’t had a chance to thank you guys for the good thoughts.

Yesterday, I was OIC of a formation for my squadron for the POW/MIA Day Memorial. We originally had a voluteer bunch of 20 sign up this week. Yesterday, after I formed up the ‘squadron of 20’, I counted the rows, and noticed we had 35. I was more than happy to take the extra troops in my formation, with a sea of red hats in the stands.

It tells me that we take care of our own. I pray for the family of SrA “O”, but after going through my own loss earlier this year, and seeing this, I thank God I have a squadron as good as mine. This is just one reason why I think I will make the Air Force a career.

We take care of our own. And we spare no effort. . .

You’re a good man, Tripler, and it’s all about the man next to you. At least that’s what my brother tells me.

Damn sorry to hear about the wildlife casualty. It’s never easy to lose a bro, regardless of the circumstances.

A friend of my brother’s just got killed in Basra last week. Three car convoy got bombed and tumbled down an incline. Robert was 24, late of the Marines, and working as a civilian security contractor. He and my brother were together in Kirkuk last year.

Cows have been recruited by al Queda?
It’s Mad.
Utterly Mad!

Sorry, Trip, I couldn’t resist. I am sorry for your loss. Maybe fraggin’ a herd of bovine terrorists would make you feel better. Still, Death By Cow is kinda funny …I’ll shut up now.

Udderly Mad… :smack:
I’m such a ;j

Um, today, not cool. . .

Sorry. . . It’s hitting close to home.

Sorry, I ain’t taking jokes tonight.

Thought you were, already, my friend. If not, you should be.

Take care of yourself over there. I know already you’ll take good care of the fliers.

And if you ever have the chance, could you give our regards to the family of SrA “O”? The internet gets such bad publicity as a rule it sure would be nice if they knew, thanks to cold technology that most people associate with porn, spam, and goofing off, their son’s death has affected a bunch of people he’s never have met.

Just a quick post to let you know I am sorry.

Another post of condolence. We’re losing far too many bright, talented young adults, and this one… I don’t know. I don’t want to use the word “senseless”, but it’s a damn shame.

Sorry to hear of your loss Tripler

Tripler I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. SrA “O” and his family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Somehow I already thought you were career Air Force. All I know is the AF is damn lucky to have you in it. Hell, this country is damn lucky to have people like you in the armed service.

Take care of yourself over there. We need our Tripler back.

I mean it. You come back home in one piece, y’ here?

That’s such a shame.

My condolences, Tripler.