Kind of a sad Thanksgiving

One of our flight school’s planes went down last week, and all aboard perished. I’ve been spending the last week trying to get my mind around the fact that 3 people I knew are never coming back. Thanksgiving dinner was spent trying not to think about the fact that it had been exactly a week (almost to the hour) that the accident happened. I can’t imagine what the families of these young men were going through at that time. One of the deceased was an instructor, and (although not a close friend) was a jovial acquaintance/coworker who I saw almost daily. Another victim was a former student whom I had flown with as he worked toward an advanced endorsement (I think pilot dopers understand this relationship). The third victim was someone I knew tangentially but had always found likable.

To make matters more disturbing, my son has been flying that particular aircraft recently, and I’m still trying to stay calm awaiting the NTSBs determination of the cause. Apparently the airplane broke up in flight, and came down in pieces covering almost a square mile. Since the folks on board to be (AFAIK) are pretty responsible, this scenario is the stuff of nightmares.

The preliminary NTSB report can be found here

Don’t know why I’m sharing this, I guess I’m still pretty shook up. If any of you folks want to break out the good stuff and toast their memories, I’m sure it would be appreciated (I’m doing that right now, which is my excuse for any errors, or the maudlin nature of this post).


So sorry to hear about your friends, pullin.



I’m just back from a week in the hospital. But I’m alive, although my Thanksgiving dinner was served on a plastic tray. Talk about counting my blessings. I’ve been feeling kind of sorry for myself.

pullin, I am so sorry to hear about this accident. I’ll raise a toast in their memory, and include the families in my prayers. I don’t know who they are, but God will.

I’m sorry, too, pullin. If I were in your shoes, I’d be thinking and doing exactly as you are.

Thanks ya’ll. It’s nice to think that somewhere, some folks that I don’t know real well are raising a toast. I tried to post this a couple of times yesterday, but I kept tripping over myself when I sat down to type. (I hope that makes sense).

I attended one of the funerals this week. I held up pretty well until someone pointed out his kids (who were looking at the casket at that moment). I sorta lost it at that point. I’ve regained my composure a little better now.

Anyway, thanks for thinking about them. I sure am.

All you can do is be thankful for the time you did have, and for the good stuff to toast them with.

[I have dozens of these platitudes; none of them work]

I’m so sorry, pullin and I also raise my mediocre white wine in toast.

I was feeling sorry for myself for having a crummy Thanksgiving without my family. I need to pull my head out of my ass. I’m sorry that your sad experience is what helps me to do that.

Godspeed to your friends, pullin. I saw this story on the local news, and was in a bit of shock myself, not even knowing any of these folks, but wondering if any of them were people I’d met in passing (I live just across I-20 from Arlington Municipal). I can hardly imagine what it must be like for you. Take care!

My most heartfelt condolencies to all. A real tragedy.

I will raise a glass in their honor tonight.
I’m sorry for your loss.

I am sorry to hear your news. Sending supporting thoughts your way.

Jeez. I wonder what actually happenned: goose strike? But for your son to have been in that aircraft so recently… No wonder you’re shaking.

Pullen I am so very sorry for your loss, I too will raise a glass in memory of your friends.