Fuck you (again), Mark David Chapman

We seem to do this every year, but, goddammit, it still pisses me off. I hope they take you out for your well-deserved-within-an-inch-of-your-life beating. Fuck you, you psycho fuck!

I’m not sure I’d go that far. He only killed a man. He’s in prision for it.

So… why all the venom? It’s not a big deal.

I figured you’d stop by. I’m the type of person who can see any given situation from any viewpoint and I can certainly understand yours seeing as how you apparently don’t care for Lennon. Yes, he was just a man and yes, Chapman is paying his debt to society for his crime and yes, if it were a “regular Joe”, I wouldn’t give a rat’s ass, but I DID like Lennon and his music, so I have the right to be pissed off, even if indirectly. How about the feelings of his children and wife? Would you say what you said if a total nut job killed one of your loved ones? What if someone did that and everyone around you said, “So your spouse was killed, he/she was just a person”? You might reply that you would agree, but I seriously doubt it. Deep down, you’d want to beat the shit out of that person.

So there you have it: I ranted, you replied, I replied to that.

No, he didn’t only kill a man. He killed John Lennon. Like it or not, Lennon wasn’t just some guy. He wrote music that touched and inspired people. I know what you’re getting at, that one person’s death shouldn’t be any more tragic than anybody else’s. Unfortunately, that’s not the way it works. Think about the hoopla over Princess Di - so what, she was just a person, right? But people feel like these people are part of their lives (and no doubt they are), not just strangers you read about in the paper. Anyway, Chapman ended our chance of ever hearing more music from the guy, so I’ll join in in wishing him a hearty “fuck you.”

Would this thread be here if MDC killed Ringo?

Yes, because, either way, he would have ruined any chance of the Beatles getting back together. I truly believe they would have done so in the early 80’s.

I fucking hate that stupid fucking jerk!
And FUCK YES this thread would be here if he killed Ringo. We LIKE Ringo!

There, now I feel better.

And send a special FU to all the people interviewing Mark David Chapman AGAIN, giving him exactly what he wanted all along, celebrity with out being talented.

And deprived the world of the All-Starr Band? Damn straight this thread would have been here.

Fuck you, MDC. For killing one of the most talented musicians of all time and for forcing me to sit thru a week of “Beatles Anthology” or whatever the hell it is, on VH1. When the FUCK are they going to make an Aerosmith Behind the Music, anyway?

No talent?
He was a good shot, wasn’t he?

What surprises me is people who say things like “I’m against the death penalty, but I’d pull the switch on Chapman” or “In this particular case, I think Chapman should be locked up forever without parole” or “I don’t normally like police brutality but I feel Chapman should be beat up by his guards” or “I’m generally opposed to violence, but I hope Chapman gets killed in a riot.”

My question is why? The bottomline is Chapman killed one man. There are thousands of people in prison who have killed other people. Why is Chapman’s crime any worse than theirs? Most murder victims had families who loved them and miss them as much as John Lennon’s family loved and misses him. Every victim should be remembered, not just the ones who were famous. And every murderer should stay in prison as long as his or her victim remains dead.

Because John Lennon affected the whole world. He gave many, many people a lot of happiness, and he affected many more people than his family and his immediate circle of friends. You may not particularly care for him or his music, but he was a profound influence on modern culture.

I mean, if I die, there’s gonna be maybe a hundred people who mourn my death in various degrees, but Lennon had millions mourn him. By killing Lennon, Chapman removed a large source of happiness and inspiration for so very many people.

The reason that John Lennon is dead is because he WAS famous and “the bastard” (as he should and shall here on out be referred to) made a conscious decision to fly all the way from Hawaii and kill Lennon. Not to mention the way he did it…not only did “the bastard” fly out to NYC one time before he did it, but he had the nerve to get an autograph, wait around all day and cowardly shoot John in the back!! I agree that every murder is utterly despicable and that there are families that are grieving just as much as Lennon’s family and by God those fucking evil bastards should pay, every last one of them. But the fact remains that John Lennon was known by the world AND beloved by the world (except the US government fascists, but who gives a fuck about those bastards??) and to kill a man like that…well, that’s certainly going to raise some ire!!! Too bad that cocksucker “the bastard” didn’t waste himself like Oswald!!!

Incidentally, I have no opposition to the death penalty, so I feel that I can say w/o hypocracy that “the bastard” should fry!!!

If this motherfucker ever gets out on parole (which I understand he had the opportunity to do very recently) he will not live for another 24 hours. I guarantee it.

Chapman, fuck you, your family, and all those fuckheads who dare to call you a friend.

Assuming combat stance: BLAM, BLAM, BLAM.


In today’s paper, there’s a blurb saying that Fidel Castro is unveiling a new statue of Lennon in downtown Havana, and I’m, like, “Huh?” Fidel is quoted as saying he’s never been a particular fan or anything, but he does remember hearing the Beatles, way back when, and thinking they had some “nice” music.

This wouldn’t be just a blatant attempt to attract more American tourist dollars, would it?

I can’t help but marvel at the irony of people who want Mark David Chapman dead as much as he wanted Lennon dead.

Yes, bloodthirsty mobs, revenge, and vioence that’s what the Beatles stood for.

God, you people really are pretty goddamed special.

Sorry to inject rationality into a good rant, but Oswald didn’t waste himself. Ruby wasted him, and Ruby wasted himself.

Chapman was clearly a nutcake, like John Hinkley, Son of Sam or Arthur Bremer. Somehow, I find it harder to want retribution for somebody that is so undeniably off their trolley than for a low life like, say, Richard Allen Davis.

Lock them up, even execute them if you believe it to be the best thing to do from a standpoint of social hygiene, but it’s kind of like getting mad at a wild animal that happens to off somebody.

And I’m glad he didn’t fixate on Bob Dylan …

face reddens in great embarassment
Shit!!! I guess that’s what happens when you get angry and post after a few cold ones…forget facts that everyone knows :frowning: But…umm, I’m sure that Oswald would have “committed a convenient suicide” anyway (ie, an “assisted” suicide) :slight_smile:

Just to be fair, I don’t think we ALL said we’d like for him to die. Some of us (such as myself and pepperlandgirl) just wanted to say “fuck you” to MDC. That’s as far with it as I’m going.