Fuck you again, Tony Blair

Fuck you, you vile sack of monkey shit.
You’re still trying to pretend you matter. Why? Who do you think you’re fooling? Who do you think still thinks of you as someone with any relevance whatsoever?
Perhaps you could have had some relevancy on some things. Perhaps. That is, if you hadn’t surgically fused your lips to George Bush’s ass. But being that when he farts, you bloat immediately, it’s safe to say you don’t matter. How does it feel to have been bested by France again? You do realize that the French carry more weight than you once again, don’t you? What was that pathetic little whispering at the G8 in Bush’s ear? Your “opinion?” Your opinions don’t matter. Your nonsensical speeches don’t matter.
Oh, yes, that speech. That lovely one you gave in Los Angeles to all the Murdoch minions. Western values, huh? Yeah, I don’t think that whole “Western Values” bullshit carries much weight with anyone other than the folks Howard Dean was chastised for describing the way he did. Others, particularly those whom you were aiming it at, have seen the west’s “values” in the destruction of their countries on the flimsiest of excuses and imaginary reasons, have been tortured, had their teenage daughters raped, and saw how your great system of justice mete out punishments in months to lowly peons in response. They’ve seen western values in “international” organizations whose resolutions only matter or are enforced if they call on someone other than Israel to do something.
So while such grandiose speeches and terms like “western values” may ring a strong chord with the Murdochites and their viewers, they ring pretty hallow everywhere else including back in your own country. So really, what was the purpose of this speech? Did your “daddy” tell you to do it? Considering that the only place you do matter is in making George Bush’s stupidest ideas sound somewhat intelligent, such speeches are requisite, no?
Now you’ve even taken the selfless step of canceling your vacation just so you can really really… what? Focus on being irrelevant? Go ahead and go on that ’oliday mate! Bush’s ass could just the rest.
Or as they say in your country, lie on your back and think of England. Your master will shout “Yo, bitch” when he needs you.

And he probably DID knit that sweater himself!

The voters who elected Labour three times?

Blair should have been hung, drawn and quartered (literally) over the “Natwest Three”, then the rest of Parliament burnt at the stake for passing such anti-terrorism legislation that could be so abused. The whole case is shocking. Why the British judiciary and Parliament ever conspired to uphold a treaty that was signed in bad faith by the US government is beyond my comprehension. We’re the laughing stock of the world because of this current set of muppets.

Give the guy a break - he is off on holiday this week :dubious:

He is indeed with his missus and boy is she one fat mother.

Pics in most UK newspapers show cellulite on top of cellulite :wink:

This piece (from a Murdoch owned newspaper) worries me greatly.

The US sources mentioned in the article are unnamed but if there is any truth in the story at all it is deeply disturbing. Jack Straw was, in the opinion of many judges, an effective and respected Foreign Secretary. His only demerit was a prediliction for speaking his mind.

He has been replaced by Margaret Beckett, a political operator not exactly blessed with experience in foreign affairs. She also dislikes flying. Her value to Mr. Blair lies in the fact that her inexperience will result in her leaning on him for advice, and probably direct instructions.

Mr. Blair has been in the job too long. I saw him interviewed by Jeremy Paxman on Newsnight recently and, talking about Iraq, he fell back on his relationship with God to justify his actions. I get the strong impression that if 101% of the UK electorate thought he was wrong about a particular issue it would not bother him one iota. He has been corrupted by power and he should go.

I will take this opportunity to put in a bad word for our beloved Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott. I once loved this guy’s politics and feisty attitude. I liked and respected his barnstorming speeches railing against the sleaze, both sexual and financial, which pervaded the then ruling Conservative Party. He has now become that which he once hated.

Does power corrupt? Yes. Does absolute power corrupt absolutely? It does in the case of Messrs. Blair and Prescott. If these people are the best and the brightest of our politicians then I’m a banana.

I don’t really know. I presume they’re of a similar mindset to the mugs who put Dubya back in. Same old problem: apathy, ignorance, and a (perceived) lack of a credible opposition.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that some of Blair’s domestic policies were reasonably well received in the first two terms. His foreign policy can fuck off up Dubya’s arse whence it came. I’m so astonishingly ashamed of this twat. And thoroughly disappointed. The joy and hope back in 1997 when they got in was amazing. What a shame.

Well, in 1997, we foolishly believed we were going to get a Labour government.

But Blair’s economic policies have always been, basically, John Major’s (albeit with a slight softening of attitudes towards Europe), and with those sorts of attitudes, “social justice” becomes an expensive luxury; lip service is paid to it, but nothing’s actually done about it, because, y’know, it might cost money.

In nine years, the only Labour party policy implemented has been the ban on fox-hunting. I’m not impressed.

Good! (At least from the view of someone across the Atlantic.) I have to admit the election of Labour worried me a bit back then, and I also have to admit that those fears have been mostly groundless. I like Blair!

You don’t think that maybe they thought they were actually voting Labour instead of a politically cross-dressing Tory?
This butt monkey’s usurpation of the Labour party and his subsequent antics have pretty much fractured Labour and made the Tories look not so bad. After all, if you’re going to have John Major Jr., why not just get the real thing?

And this is really what he’s referring to when he mentions “western values.” He’s all about “freedom” as long as we’re talking about the market. Free markets for all! But when it comes to actually doing something towards the African development he repeatedly trumpets or the respect for rule of law he likes to bash the darkies about, he’s nothing more than a weaseling, lying, bitch on a leash.

Color me surprised.

More surprisingly, to me, Gordon Brown’s economic policies have been, basically, John Major’s. I give him much credit for relinquishing political control of interest rates, though.

Devolution? Or was that never an “Old” Labour policy?

Wait a minnit. I thought Dubya stole the election.

I recall reading about a Brit standup comic, forget his name, who remarked in 1997 that since Labour wasn’t standing that year, he was voting for something called the Tony Party.

So if you don’t like New Labour, where do you turn if you want to vote for Old Labour? I don’t suppose the LibDems qualify – to much granola and sandals (from what I’ve read on this board).

:confused: Please pardon my Yankeegnorance, but what is “Natwest Three” and what has to do with any treaty with the U.S.?

Fired because he told Rusmfeld it would be “nuts” to bomb Iran. And because Rice was worried about Straw’s dependence on Muslim voters in his constituency. Yes, “worrying” on both counts, putting it mildly.

http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/5175058.stm Basically, our extradition agreements with the U.S. are pretty one-sided; they need much less evidence to ask for an extradition than we do.

Tony Blair this, Tony Blair that. Jesus Christ, man, what’s up with all these complaints? You don’t see any other world leaders being discussed on the SDMB with this much vitrol do you?

Then you can have him. Come and take him. Please.