Fuck you Bill O'Reilly

Carlie Brucia was found murdered and who does Bill O’Reilly hold responsible? The murder? No, he holds a jury and a judge responsible. He said people who see Judge Harry Rapkin should let him know he is responsiblefor the murder of Carlie Brucia. He says the jury in Joseph P. Smith’s trial for kidnapping was stupid and is to blame for this. Did he give any evidence that they reached the wrong decision? No. Maybe there was resonable doubt. He blames the judge for not putting Smith in jail for violating his parole. Nevermind that it was not a violation that usually gets people put in prison. O’Reilly wanted the judge to put him back in prison because he had been accused of kidnapping. Who care that he had been found not guilty, the judge should have sentenced based on the accusation and not worried about the fact he was found not guilty.

Let’s blame the murder*. If we go around blaming juries and judges people will never get fair trials.

  • I know the guy hasn’t been convicted yet.

Then I blame Bill O’Reilly for waiting until Joseph P. Smith had killed this child before protesting the judge’s and the jury’s decision. Just as the judge should have been able to see into the future and the jury should have been able to know beyond a reasonable doubt that he was guilty of another crime of kidnapping, then O’Reilly, with all of his resources, should have been able to determine each time such a dangerous mistake has been made and he should use his show to warn people.

It’s all his fault.

You know, I could swear I’ve seen this very topic line in this forum before.

But then, considering the subject, I can’t say I’m incredibly surprised. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if this particular topic line became a BBQ Pit tradition…

:smiley: Brilliant, Zoe! :smiley: The perfect riposte to O’Reilly’s latest exploration of his rectum.

I have it on good authority from the best page in the universe (word) that Bill O’Reilley is a big, blubbering vagina

If someone thinks O’Reilly is a blubbering vagina, and I think he is a pretentious prick, and if we are both correct, then Bill O’Reilly can literally go fuck himself.

Well, he thinks O.J. is guilty. So that means O.J. is innocent?

Hey, a stopped clock is right twice a day.

Which is probably more often that the anal-cranial-insertion man.

Does anybody know if vagina-prick has blown the lid off the Hillary book sales yet? He kept promising that he was going to reveal the staggering bulk sales to the DNC in order to prove that she hadn’t really sold twice as many books as he has. He even named a day for the big reveal but I don’t remeber what day it was.

I believe the DNC is denying that they have bought any of Hillary;s books at all but did confess to buying “less than 1500 copies” of Franken’s book (O’Reilly is also claiming that Franken is somehow cheating to beat him at book sales).

Has he coughed up the cite yet? Has he chosen to ignore his previous statements as he always does when proven wrong? What’s going on witha ll that?

Does anybody have any info on the “parole violation”. The way Bill talked about it you think they drug him in for assault and battery on nuns and orphens. From what I’ve read the violation was he didn’t pay some fine and his parole officer didn’t bother to tell the judge the details of it.(So I can understand why the judge didn’t send him back to prison. Funny since I am one of those “evil conservatives”)

My vagina is truly offended by that comparison!

Bill O’Reilly is being pitted?

Who’s next? Ann Coulter?! :eek:

You realize, of course, that this could result in O’Reilly reproducing. Is that really what you want?

Geez, people. Work on your analogies!

Would you really want to live in a world without vaginas?
How about a world without Bill O’Reilly?

Besides, what has Bill O’Reilly ever done for labour?

Nowhere near as much as vaginas.

Water runs downhill.

Fire burns.

Bill O’Reilly is a dumb-ass.
WTF is wrong with you people, particularly those of the left-leaning political persuasion. Do you sit around watching his show waiting to be offended? :eek:

Christ Almighty, I am a conservative and know he is full of shit and generally speaking nothing more than a charlatan for shock value/ratings so therefore I do not watch his show. I really don’t get it.

Hey, I don’t watch it either. I just wander into whatever Pit thread happens to be currently flailing away at him and find a nice handy stone or two to throw. It’s moderately more amusing than shooting fish in a barrel.