Bill O'Reilly is mad at God

Apparently it’s the Lord’s fault that he keeps having to pay out millions to women who say he’s sexually harassed them.

Can you imagine the conservative fury if some liberal christian commentator offered this nugget?

Well, color me surprised. I for one was expecting a more penitent and introspective tone.

I’m told that God ain’t a big fan of Bill-O, either.

He is always hardest on His Best Beloved.

Job did it better.

Funny. I as a Christian sometimes get mad at God for letting people like him get away with it for so long.

Bill-O is too fucking stupid to know when to stop talking and just go away.

Can’t tell 100% if this is sarcastic…

Maybe he’ll write a book, “Killing God”.

That’s probably God’s fault.

It’s within the margin of error.

I wish she would smite him, then, and in front of everybody. :stuck_out_tongue:

She’s already struck him dumb. Now if she’d only strike him mute.

Wait…O’Reilly thinks that guy he sold his soul to was God?

Well, I’m kinda pissed at God too, for allowing O’Reilly to exist.

He’s just bitter because God told him to go forth and multiply, and he was just trying to do as he was told.

Well, that about wraps it up for God.

I’m reminded of an SKL sketch where Susan Lucci was the guest host. They did a soap opera send-up where Lucci bursts into an altar room, charges up to the cross, and demands “How could you let this happen to me?”

Look, everything would have been fine if those chicks had just kept their traps shut. If I were in his position, trading sexual favors for perks, and the chicks blabbed about it, I’d be pissed at god, too.
I’d also be a gaping asshole.