Is Bill O'Reilly's career finished?

Bill had a lot of very loyal fans. Probably not here, :smiley: but in other segments of the population.

Will another Network want him? Setting aside the current controversy, is he too conservative for any of the other Networks?

Could he get a SiriusXM deal like Howard Stern?

I know Bill doesn’t need the money. Is he ready to ride off into the sunset?

25 million severance pay.

I think he could definitely move elsewhere, but that elsewhere wouldn’t pay the big bucks he would demand–so he will retire. Note he is 67 years old.

Isn’t he also a writer? If so, any idea how much his book sales might drop? This is mostly a TV issue. Do his readers even know he’s the same guy as that talking head on Fox? His name isn’t too distinctive. I remember being surprised a few years ago when audio book clips of him reading erotic scenes from one of his novels went viral.

Bill wrote historical books. Don’t see any erotica in this list. :wink:’reilly+books&sprefix=Bill+O’Reilly

It’s funny - Fox News is usually where wingnuts *end up *after failing elsewhere. He’s got no plausible career arc now.

I could be wrong, but it’s possible to make a comeback. Imus did it (once). The righties are pretty forgiving of their own and many of them don’t even view sexual harassment as a problem. More of a perk.

Wait, you mean that there is absolutely no conservative college out there wiling to pad its faculty staff with a new Dean of Political Hacks…?
We keep getting tons of right-wing idiots saying they come from Rutgers University. Maybe he could transition from Marist Pole to Eagleton Pole?

He’d probably insist that his office be on the Douglass Campus though…

My guess - and it’s only that - is that he’ll become a free-lance pundit. Writing syndicated columns, appearing on talk shows, and putting out the occasional book. Like Gingrich, Coulter, Beck, etc. I will miss his show.

youre in for a treat!


Sexual harassment hasn’t seemed to hurt Bill Clinton’s “career”. The lefties are pretty forgiving of their own and many of them even view it as a problem. More of a perk.

He has too big an ego to care about how much it pays. There is room on satellite radio for everyone.

I have a feeling he’ll stick to writing.

There is no evidence Bill Clinton harassed any women. His sexual activities were entirely consensual. While he misread what he thought were sexual signals of one or more women he did not harass them when they made it clear they weren’t interested.

He won’t ever be as big as he was, but I have no doubt he’ll land on his feet and get a lucrative gig somewhere. His ratings and book sales show there are still plenty of people who like him.

For fuck’s sake. Look at his age. Look at that $25 million payout. ANother JOB, being an asshole in the US?

If I were in his shoes, I would never leave Italy.

I suspect Paula Jones, who sued Clinton for sexual harrasment, might disagree. Remember that case? The one where Bill Clinton was held in contempt of court for his ‘willful failure’ to testify truthfully? Which led to Bill Clinton losing his law license?

Ya know, it is possible that both the Bills treat women like shit.


Cosby’s still in the lead.

As for O’Reilly, I don’t see how he’s going to get back on the air. No network is going to want to take on the bad publicity and potential legal liability that would come from hiring a guy with his record.

Same here. If I made $25 million from anything at any point, I’d probably pack it in. Unless there was zero stress involved and I really, really loved doing it. Even so, at a certain age I’d ride off into the sunset. I’m ambitious, but I have zero need for recognition or attention. I have to imagine that most people who’ve been on TV consistently for the past 30 years have an ego that craves attention and fears being forgotten. He probably has a hard time even going on vacation.

This is both tragic and hilarious.