Bill O'Reilly... go fuck yourself.

I HATE that this man (and so many like him) has his own show(s). That maniac Savage is next.


How DARE you invoke this man’s father like that? How fucking DARE you set yourself as the spokesperson for his father and his mother? He was representing HIS FATHER WHO DIED on SEPTEMBER 11, motherfucker! YOU invited him, dickhead! LET HIM FUCKING SPEAK! You think YOU know what his father would have wanted, because you have some pat little idea about what is the only correct way to view what happened? FUCK YOU!

The world has gone fucking mad, I tell you. It’s invasion of the body snatchers and I’m just screaming into the night…

That squatchbrain Savage is next up.

I can’t stand this, I really can’t.

I’m sorry my rant is not more creative and interesting, I substitute sincerity.

For those of you playing at home with a dial-up connection, like I am, it’s about a 30 minute download. Once you get it, it’s standard Bill O’Reilly stuff, with a guest, who as the OP states lost his father in the WTC on 9/11. The guest goes to on to accuse GHWB of being responsible for 9/11. He also compares the US action in Afghanistan, Vietnam, Panama, and a few other places to that of the hijackers on 9/11. Personally, I think they’re both a couple of worthless shits, but the fact that anyone would be surprised by O’Reilly’s reaction to this twit, is really amazing. O’Reilly thrives on these kinds of things, okay? He likes nothing better than getting someone on the show that he disagrees with and shouting them down. He’s a slightly more articulate Morton Downy, Jr. and his fifteen minutes are due to be up any day now.

Dude, Savage is nothing like O’Reilley. O’Reilley’s main flaw, what gets everyone angry at him to the point of ranting, is that he’s a total dickwad to his guests. I’d never get angered to the point of pitting just for the viewpoint delivered, but I agree that his mannerisms are so incredibly rude that they warrant disgust.

I’ve heard parts of Savage’s show on a handful of occasions (on my local station, he comes on right before Phil Hendrie, whose comedy show I regularly listen to) and although you might surely call him a typical right-winger, I don’t see what merits any comparison between him and O’Reilley.

And Savage said something a few days ago that was just so unusual coming from a right-winger that I had to appreciate it a little. Speaking about the major world religions, Xianity and Buddhism specifically, he said that he couldn’t understand any religion that taught deprivation and squashing of desire. To hear any right-winger who isn’t a fundie Xian, well that was a splash of water on my face, refreshing.

I’m sorry, I just can’t be sympathetic to this guest.

As for O’Reilly… anyone ever heard of Wally George? He makes O’Reilly seem as reasonable as Colin Powell. I guess after a few years of watching (and laughing at) him, I’ve been numbed to O’Reilly’s behavior.

Well, Tuck, the only time I ever listened or watched BO was during the election. I think he’s gotten worse. I don’t remember him being that horrendously rude and imperious then.

Because you differ with him politcally, SPOOFE? His father died on 9/11. His father was, it seems, a liberal. His son is, too. Are only conservatives who died on 9/11 and their families to be listened to? If you don’t fall into line on the politics of it, your voice doesnt’ count?

Seems to me anyone whose family gave lives has more right than any of us to speak about the things that brought about the death of the person they love. More fucking right than Bill O’Reilly, that’s for damn sure.

Just because your uncle had a heart attack doesn’t make you a cardiologist. Besides, if a liberal wants to be taken seriously on a show, O’Reilly is not the man to go to. Then again, who can ever take O’Reilly’s show seriously?

I’m not sure how to link an individual post, but I posted a transcript of this meltdown about halfway down the first page of the “wetbacks” thread.

Not that there can ever be too many threads bashing this self-important twit.

Dr. J

I used to watch him as a novelty, and to see how “the other half” lives. Now it’s just one train wreck after another.

I honestly don’t see how he can last too much longer. Then again, Rush has been going strong for years.

What really drives me nuts is that he thinks anyone who doesn’t come on his show is “a coward.” His ego knows no bounds. I mean, after all, he’s just a little cable news show…with a relatively small audience when compared to all the other shows out there.

Again, I think comparing O’Reilley to the typical right-wing host is just nonsense. First of all, O’Reilley is a rude-ass jerk to lengths that Rush hasn’t gone in years, if ever. Secondly, O’Reilley isn’t even 100% right-wing. He’s against the death penalty. Also, I caught a snippet of him tonight arguing against giving the power to suspend the writ of habeus corpus to John Ashcroft, with some rather derogatory remarks for Ashcroft bundled in there, amidst a general sense that too much power in one government figure could hurt personal liberties. So he certainly isn’t just blindly following a party line or echoing GOP talking points or being wholly supportive of Bush.

He’s an ass, no doubt about it, but comparing him to any established right-wing radio/TV host really isn’t accurate.

You’re right - it isn’t accurate to compare O’Reilly to Limbaugh. However, IMHO, they are both creatures cut from the same cloth of extremism and anti-establishment. Unfortunately, I think O’Reilly could be much more dangerous.

While Limbaugh has the advantage of having 20 million loyal listeners, O’Reilly (with a much smaller audience) could become much more mainstream. For years Limbaugh has been written off as having a very strong base of extreme right wing supporters, which clearly does not represent America at large. O’Reilly, on the other hand, says he is an independent, and claims views which attract both ends of the spectrum.

The point I was trying to make is that both have extreme views which clearly attract viewers/listeners/supporters, and yet neither is taken seriously by the majority of Americans. Unfortunately, O’Reilly is creating more of a maelstrom - for the moment - and I can only hope that he, like Limbaugh, will fade away with a small (albeit loyal and loud) group of “disenfranchised” Americans.

Funny thing is, O’Reilley wasn’t always such a douchebag. I remember getting Fox News when it first started up, and I’d catch his show on the late night repeat. He was just starting up at the time. He did the Talking Points thing, he had guests, but he wasn’t that outrageous or rude to them. He wasn’t nearly so smug looking either, and didn’t have that attitude he has now where he’ll read critical emails just to show that he’s willing to “take criticism” and then dismiss them out of hand with a look.

Really, he was somewhat interesting when he first came out. I think success just went to this guy’s head and turned him into a monster.

RexDart, I’m afraid we agree once again. He was rather interesting, but he has without a doubt become a MONSTER.

I agree, O’Reilly has gotten grumpier and grumpier. And arrogant. He’s got the big ratings now, and it’s going to his head. It’s sad, really. He used to not be so bad.

I used to enjoy his show—not always agree with him, but he had a spunkiness that was fun. Now he’s just grumpy. I still watch him sometimes, but it’s not the same. He’s going to ruin it for himself with his attitude.

Oh, and SPOOFE: I remember Wally George. Wasn’t he on Channel 50 or something out in L.A.? (I used to get his station in really fuzzy on my old B&W TV. What a piece of work.)

One day, some of you will learn the miraculous power of ‘Changing the Fucking Channel’. Unless O’Reilly is busting in to your house and forcing you to watch his show, why don’t you just watch Donahue or Joe Millionaire instead?

Because Donahue is just boring and Joe Millionaire is just lame?

Me, I’ve quit on both anyway. Bill O because of his spiral into self-righteous prickness, Phil D because his schtick was already old back in the late 1980s.

O’Reilly was an unmitigated cock to this guest. That whole “out of respect for your father” thing was as phony and self-serving as it gets. Does every 9/11 survivor have an obligation to support an invasion of Iraq. Words cannot convey the depth of my contempt for Bill O’Reilly. What really gets me is the blatant disingenuousness of calling his show a 'No spin zone," when he fucking spins like a top on every subject. Christ I hate this motherfucker. It is my fondest wish that one day I will see him on the street and have the opportunity to kick him in the nuts.

Trivia point:

Wally George is also the father of actress Rebecca DeMornay.

I watched the “all spin zone” for about 20 minutes once and he was pissing me off so hard that I have not watched him again, the truly scary part is that there are people (I work with a lot of them) in this world who think that his spewing is “news”, BO is a dangerous, ill informed asshole.


So this Savage of which you speak is not Dan Savage?