Fuck you, brain

Well my theory is that the knowledge to build computers with Artificial Intelligence was sent to us by aliens from outside our solar system in order to propagate their species and enslave us. No spaceships required, just let the existing inhabitants build up the structure for artificial life and let it go. Humans will become second class citizens in their own world while the different artificial intelligent codes battle it out for supremacy.

Then we not need brains and live in harmony. Yeah right.

Thanks. Just watched it.

Holy shit, was that awful.

Hmmm … I like it! Thing is, if no space ships are necessary because they are never going to come here, why enslave us in the first place? :question:

Yes, definitely a abby normal one here

The worst part is that it was written by one of Star Trek’s best writers, Gene L. Coon, under a pseudonym.

Don’t know, guess I’ve fallen for their evil plan and I’m too busy surfing the net and shopping for things I don’t need to think about it, maybe I should as Alexa. :heart::alien: I’m thinking Jeff Bezos is a replicant.

I am sure the little slimeball deserved it. Must have buggered the owner so much he decided to set it afloat.

Who the hell is Brian, and what did he ever do to any of us?!

They can still turn to OUR robot overlords for solutions to THEIR problems,* and not have to worry about being enslaved themselves.

*You know, with a not less than eight-year delay between posing the question and receiving an answer, given that the nearest star system is four light years distant.

Homer: Alright brain. You don’t like me and I don’t like you. But let’s just do this and I can get back to killing you with beer.

Homer’s Brain: It’s a deal.

The brain is the only organ that named itself. Arrogant thing.

I think I figured it out - why brains are so nasty to us. The brain is actually a bug. Millions of years ago, a particularly loathsome creature - the proto-brain - with masses of tentacles, swam the early Earth’s oceans. It was incompetent, stank, and could not feed itself. It was nearly eaten to extinction. Then one day it managed to capture a critter and, using its masses of tentacles, figured out how to control that unfortunate creature’s bodily functions. It then made itself a shell and lived on top of that critter permanently. It eventually figured out how to control other species. One day it crawled out of the ocean and infected primates - and lo, millions of years later, here we are!

All the mass-extinction going on is brain-vengeance against the creatures of the land and sea that used to feast upon this bug when it was still roaming around free.

The brain is a bug! We have been colonized! Wake up sheeple! :yum:

Memes are memes way of ensuring memes survival.

Depending on the question, eight years can be a very long time.

For example: “Should I duck?!” LOL

Thinking, logical part of brain:

This is fine. Worry is unjustified.


I have been stuck with “Smooth Criminal” for weeks. I’m trying to substitute a song I don’t loathe.

What I hate about my brain is that it remembers stupid stuff I said 45 years ago, but doesn’t remember why I entered a particular room.

That’s the “Doorway Effect.”

“I used to think that the brain was the most wonderful organ in my body; then I realized who was telling me this.” – Emo Phillips